Keeping it in the family



​Keeping it in the Family

"Both my father and my now father-in-law studied at Llandaff in the 1950's when it was "Llandaff Tech". Both went on to become toolmakers by trade but didn't know each other then.

My sister then studied at Llandaff (BSc Biomedical Science) when it was South Glamorgan Institute of Education around the 1990's, a mere 40 years later. I even remember visiting the library when it was just one floor and the affectionately known 'coffin' block, which I think was the Student Union whilst she was there.

Before I met him, my husband also studied for a short while at SIGHE - Colchester Avenue in late 1979/1980. Fate then intervened again when I applied for a post as a Library Assistant in Cardiff Institute of Higher Education in 1995. Nearly 20 years later and several names changes (the college's not mine), I am still here. You could say we like to keep it in the family!"


Carol James
Information Assistant & Document Delivery