The School of Chiropody




"I was appointed as a Grade B Lecturer in Podiatry in 1961 and progressed to Principal Lecturer before I retired in 1995 from what was then known as the Cardiff School of Chiropody.                      

Photo: Maurice John, John Coole, Clive Rees, Ann Bryan, Yvonne Wilding, Eira Williams    

The Cardiff School of Chiropody was the first new school of Chiropody to be founded in the UK following the Second World War. 

The clinics are in what was the oldest building on the Llandaff Campus; the Llandaff Technical College. I remember a patient saying to me on one occasion, "I put the​ steelwork up for this building, Mister".


The staff of the Cardiff School of Chiropody (now The W​​ales Centre for Podiatric Studies) at City Hall, Cardiff in 1984. The occasion was a dinner celebrating the School's 25th Anniversary.

*Ann Bryan and subsequently Paul Frowen became Principal Lecturers for the Podiatry course.

**Pam John was the daughter of Maurice John who was in the first group of students in 1959.

James McKay, Paul Frowen*, Jeff Spargo, Ann Bryan*, Chris Hyde, Pam John**, Carole Gill, Elaine Jenkins, Wendy Tyrell, John Osbourne, Don Jessett, Jeff Evans.


Ann Bryan returned to the School of Chiropody as a lecturer following some years as an assistant in a private chiropody practice in Kent.

The patients were fully aware that treatment is given under conditions of close scrutiny by the lecturing staff, some of whom were part-time and brought their skills in private practice and health service to the students.





De​​rek Ames was the first head of The Cardiff School of Chiropody, in the department of Maths and Science.


Donald Jessett
Former Lecturer of Podiatry (1961-1995)