Internationalisation at Cardiff Met

​​​​​Cardiff Metropolitan University is committed to Internationalisation and has adopted a broad definition of the term. Internationalisation at Cardiff Met is defined as the process of integrating international, intercultural and global dimensions into teaching, research and service functions of the institution. Cardiff Met has the following 6 Internationalisation objectives:

    1. To enhance student employability through the internationalisation of curricula
    2. To promote the recruitment of staff from outside of the UK
    3. To develop a more balanced distribution of overseas students between Schools & programmes, and increase the number of non-UK EU students
    4. To expand TNE collaborative provision activity within a robust quality environment
    5. To encourage international research activity amongst staff and doctoral students
    6. To deliver enterprise services to non UK-based customers.


​  International Office Team

​Cardiff Met's International Office

Cardiff Met has an International Office of more than 40 members of staff who support international students throughout their journey at Cardiff Met. 

We also have two overseas offices; one office is in Delhi, India, which opened in April 2012 and the other office is in Beijing, China, which opened in June 2014.

The Cardiff Met office in India plays an important role in supporting the University's activities in India and offers enhanced support for students, forging wider and deeper relationships with in-country partners, and provides further opportunities for educational partnerships in India.

The Beijing office also hosts Cardiff Met's strategic partners - Cardiff and Vale College and Cardiff Business Council, which helps promote the Cardiff and Wales brand in China. This office also facilitates the movement of Welsh students to the University partnership network in China enabling Cardiff Met to truly internationalise its student body by providing students with the platform to gain an international experience in China.

In September/October 2014, Cardiff Met enrolled 612 international students on campus in Cardiff. This included approximately 60 Erasmus Mundus scholars. ​​

If you would like to find out more about key dates in our International Office, take a look through our interactive timeline or visit the International Office page.