The 150 Legacy

​​Professor Antony J Chapman
Vice-Chancellor, 1998 - present

In 1855, the Public Libraries Act put forward an objective to establish science and art schools around the UK and in 1865 a resolution was passed recommending the provision of such facilities in Cardiff.  150 years later, Cardiff Metropolitan University is the wonderful legacy of those forward thinking citizens of the City of Cardiff.

There have been many important dates during these 150 years where the needs of business and higher education have changed, thus requiring this Institution to change its role in the City.

In that time there have been many changes, but some things have remained constant - one of those is our continuous link with the City of Cardiff. Our Cardiff heritage and commitment is evident in the names of our 5 academic schools.

  • The Cardiff School of Art & Design
  • The Cardiff School of Management
  • The Cardiff School of Health Sciences
  • The Cardiff School of Education
  • The Cardiff School of Sport

We produce inter alia, health scientists, podiatrists and dental technicians for the health service, food industry experts for business and government, teachers for the City's schools, Artists for our City's cultural heritage, designers to innovate for Welsh companies and global corporations, economists for local government, hospitality graduates who are the backbone of the events capital of Cardiff, and of course elite sports men and women.

Another important constant is that of employability. Since its inception, this institution has equipped its students with the skills required for employment. In the most recent UK survey of graduate employability, 94% of Cardiff Met graduates were in meaningful employment or further study within six months of graduation. That is something of which I am extremely proud.

A third constant has been the importance placed on internationalisation. From its days as a major port, Cardiff has hosted and made welcome many different nationalities and cultures, and Cardiff Metropolitan University (and its precursors) has mirrored this by integrating international, intercultural and global dimensions into its activities. Internationalisation is an important means of enhancing students employability through the development and delivery of globally relevant studies. It also serves to enhance the University's local and regional impact, and helps raise the profile of the City and Wales internationally.

I am extremely proud to reflect over the University's many achievements and I look forward to what is yet to come for the University, its students, staff and friends.