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Psychometric testing

Psychometric and select tests help employers assess your skills an abilities, either before an interview or during an assessment centre. 

Types of psychometric tests

Numerical reasoning

What: Numerical tests assess how well you interpret data, graphs, charts or statistics. They can also test basic arithmetic.

How to prepare: Revise the basics of mathematics, such as percentages, ratios, fractions, currency conversions, etc. Check if you are allowed to use a calculator, and practice with and without one.

Verbal reasoning

What: Verbal reasoning assesses how well you understand written information by evaluating arguments and statements.

How to prepare: Practice reading passages of information and summarise the key points. Keep up to date by reading newspapers, journals and reports.

Logical reasoning

What: Logical tests involve solving puzzles and image sequence to assess your ability to how well you identify sets of rules or spot patterns.

How to prepare: Understand what the different types of puzzles are and practice.

Personality tests

What: Personality tests assess your behaviour when presented with different situations and aim to examine how likely you are to fit into the role and the company.

How to prepare: You can't prepare for personality tests as they are about you! Don't try to second guess what you think the employer wants to see, they will almost certainly notice inconsistencies in your answers.

Practice tests

This is just a selection of practice test sites available, mostly free options. There are many other available, but may require payment to access the tests or the results:

You will be able to find further advice and a list of other practice tests on Prospects psychometric testing.