Vacancy Advertising Policy


​Career Development Services advertise vacancies free of charge, as long as they meet the criteria set out within this policy.  We aim to process vacancy advertisements within five working days although this is not always possible.

We reserve the right not to advertise vacancies, voluntary work or volunteering opportunities which we believe are not in the best interests of our students and graduates.

Not all eventualities can be covered and each vacancy will be assessed individually. We reserve the right to edit any vacancy to ensure it is clear and concise and may seek to liaise with you for further clarification.

We will not advertise vacancies that to our knowledge:

  • Do not comply with the National Minimum Wage and or National Living Wage, or other employment and equality legislation, if based in the UK (or equivalent if not based in the UK)
  • Are commission only vacancies not guaranteed to meet the national minimum wage and or national living wage – all posts with OTE must state the basic salary
  • Require the applicant to disclose their bank or building society details before being appointed
  • Require the applicant to make up-front financial investment or payment
  • Are for work in a private household unless placed by a registered agency
  • Are connected to "pyramid" style selling schemes
  • Involve students undertaking academic work for other students
  • Have misleading and/or incomplete information
  • Represent an undue health or safety risk
  • Contain premium rate telephone numbers

Recruitment Agencies

Career Development Services will advertise up to 20 vacancies per year free of charge.  If you wish to advertise more vacancies, please e-mail

Work Experience/Internships

Career Development Services will advertise paid work placements and internships.  Paid roles must meet or exceed the National Minimum Wage and or National Living Wage where appropriate.

All unpaid work experience, internships, voluntary work or volunteering opportunities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. An employer may only offer a vacancy for unpaid employment where the work is exempt from National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage payments. For further details, please read the guidelines on the Government website: and call the Pay and Work Rights helpline (0800 917 2368).

Voluntary work 

Voluntary work for charitable and non-charitable organisations will be advertised, as long as the requirements of the role do not constitute those of 'workers'. For more information, please read the guidelines on the Government website:
Advertising of voluntary work will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, but we recommend that positions should last three months or less and cover travel and subsistence expenses.


If you have any comments or complaints about the vacancy service provided by Career Development Services please email