Benefits to you

What can you gain from work experience?

  • to apply knowledge acquired on course to the practical reality of the workplace
  • to gain general work experience: working with others, role conflict, time management, communication skills, problem solving
  • to perform a job or complete a project which adds value to the organisation in which employed
  • to understand and internalise the standards required of the profession
  • to gain insight into own abilities, attitudes and potential
  • to forge relationships with professionals in your field, and experience working with other professional groups
  • to develop a work ethic and professional attitudes
  • to gain knowledge and experience of a particular type of organisation including its organisational structure, administration etc
  • to apply knowledge gained in placement to further study at university
  • to enable you and the employer to appraise each other for future employment; to enable you to make more informed choices for further employment
  • for personal development and the opportunity to consciously plan self development through reflection
  • for job seeking and application skills
  • may help you financially

For help with finding, planning and getting the most out of work experience, access the Work Experience e-lesson in the Careers e-module, accessible via your Blackboard course list. Available to all Cardiff Metropolitan University staff and students.

For Graduates and to find out more about Work Experience follow the links on this page.