Finding placements

Approval process
It is expected that both the process of approval of the placement provider/position, and the process of allocation of placements will have written procedures in place.
Finding placements
In most instances, your placement tutor will assist with finding a placement. If you are responsible for finding your own placement, or you have a particular company in mind, or you are looking for some part-time or holiday work, the following notes may be helpful:

GO Wales
The GO Wales Programme is aimed at helping students who face additional barriers to secure work experience.

  •​ - This is a specialist U.K. based internship company that focuses solely on work placements and internship opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Networking, e.g. personal contacts, students' contacts, alumni, contacts of contacts
  • Business forums and fairs
  • Professional and trade organisations
  • Job adverts in newspapers, internet, professional magazines and journals
  • Development agencies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Yellow pages
  • Trade directories
  • Alumni associations
  • Careers fairs
  • Recruitment fairs
  • Libraries