What placement organisers provide

Placement organisers need to provide the following information for you before you go on placement: 

  • Names and contact details of university staff member and industry supervisor responsible for placement support.
  • What will employers generally expect of you? As a representative of Cardiff Metropolitan University, what expectations does the university have in terms of conduct etc.
  • How is work to be assessed? Who will do it? What contribution will you/ industry/Cardiff Metropolitan University make to overall grade? What are the consequences of failure? What evidence should you collect for inclusion in assessment? What format is expected for learning logs/ reports etc?
  • Health and Safety - generic information needs to be provided. Confirmation that employer complies with Health and Safety legislation and accepts liability for you needs to be provided.
  • Information on support that will be provided by Cardiff Metropolitan University, timetable of visits, purpose of visits.
  • If you are going overseas, information on work permits, visas, insurance required. See the Prospects website for some excellent information on country by country visa, immigration and work permit information.
  • What to do if things go wrong, who to contact. What is the complaints procedure if issues cannot be resolved informally?
  • What other networks are there for support?
  • What evidence should you collect for your own personal Progress File/ CV? Suggestions for you to action plan your own career development.