Applying to UCAS via Cardiff Met


​Where possible, apply for undergraduate courses through UCAS by 15th January, although late applications will be allowed until 30th June, after which all applications go through Clearing.  Applications for some Art and Design courses need to arrive at UCAS by 24th March.  If you are applying to the universities of Oxford, Cambridge or any professional course in medicine, veterinary medicine/science and dentistry the deadline is 15th October.

To apply via Cardiff Metropolitan University contact Career Development Services on 029 2041 6333 or e-mail  for the "Buzzword" (Cardiff Met online reference code). This automatically makes your details available to the UCAS co-ordinators in Cardiff Met (a small number of senior members of academic staff, Careers and Admissions).  Pay your application fee by credit/debit card, before your reference is added.  Click on "send to referee" and the form will be made available to us via the UCAS web site.

VERY IMPORTANT - at this point the form is not actually going to your referee and we don't know you've submitted the information until you tell us, so please e-mail us (contacts below).

Students on Foundation Degree programmes: your referee may be able to review your application, add a reference and send the form off to UCAS – check with them when you are completing your application.

Everyone else: ask your referee to send the reference to us directly, along with the following details - their name, job title, telephone number, fax (if they have one), postal address and e-mail address.  (These details are only needed if this is the first time the referee has completed a reference for UCAS Apply or the details have changed.) The reference should not come via yourself, even if the referee is happy for you to see it.  For the purposes of verification it must come from the referee.

If you apply independently and later decide that you would prefer to apply through Cardiff Met, you can change this in the Options section by selecting 'Link your application to your school, college or organisation'.  Please let us know if you are doing this so that we can activate your form on our system.

All of the above information should be sent to Alyson Twyman with a copy to Colin Hinds-Payne .

If you would like help with the form or would like Career Development Services to check your personal statement before submitting it to UCAS, please ask.  We're happy to help with any part of the process and any queries at any stage.

Further guidelines area available via the UCAS website

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