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Art & Design covers a wide range of creative careers. On this page you will be able to explore a range of careers information.

Using Prospects, search:

Overview of the Creative Arts Sector in the UK
Graduate jobs in creative arts and design

Alternatively, search careers information via: 

Career Guides

www.ceramicartist.com.au/- Ceramic information and Artist database.
www.craftscouncil.org.uk/ - The Crafts Council is the UK’s national organisation for the promotion of contemporary crafts.
www.ukpotters.co.uk/ - Forums, resource listing and directory.
www.studiopottery.com/ - Directory of ceramic artists, exhibitions and events.

Job Seeking

www.artsjobs.org.uk/ - Current jobs and opportunities in the arts community.
www.artsculturemediajobs.com/ - Job website for creative people.
www.artjobster.com/ - Arts jobs in the UK with emphasis on the creative arts.
www.artsjobsonline.com/ - Art vacancies in the U.K.
www.artsprofessional.co.uk/ - Jobs and resource information.
www.careerjet.co.uk/ - Structured jobs search engine site which has an Art & Design category.
www.creativerecruitment.co.uk/ - Range of creative jobs, mainly in London.
www.designjobsboard.com/ – Architecture, Fashion, Graphic and design jobs.
www.jobs.ac.uk/ - Creative Arts and Design, search for jobs.
http://jobs.guardian.co.uk/ - Arts & Heritage jobs.
http://targetjobs.co.uk/career-sectors/art-and-design - How to get a graduate job in art and design.
www.talismanfashion.com/ - Jobs in Fashion, Design and Retail.