Gap Year - Provides placement opportunities in over 100 countries across the world, career development and leadership experience. - AV is a small UK based volunteering organisation specialising in volunteering opportunities and gap year projects. - Nature and conservation projects across the world - Jobs & Volunteering Site. - Magazine website with informative gap-year related articles. - Gap year travel, volunteering, teaching and internships across the world. - Detailed information for gap year, volunteering, teaching and work experience opportunities. - Easy to use site that offers a great way to check out a range of gap-year opportunities - really helpful if you're looking for ideas and information. - Every placement is unique to meet a specific need – just like a job would be.

Activity Camps US site offering Internships and other opportunities in this specialised field. - British Activity Holiday Association. Working holidays in USA. - USA activity camp work. - USA and opportunities abroad. US Vacation work and Internship opportunities. - Information on how to get a job in the cruise line industry. - UK Based residential activity holidays for children. Activity holiday centre in England and North Wales. - Activity Instructors in numerous roles in the UK, France and Spain. - Watersports training specialist UK and European Centres. - Adventure and problem-solving activities for young people.

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