What is employability? 
Employability is an individual's capability and confidence to enter and manage a career path which fulfils both their potential and their aspirations, whilst enabling them to contribute fully and effectively to the economy and society.

(Cardiff Met's definition of employability)

Organisations of all kinds want graduates who add value and can help to transform their organisation in the face of continuous and rapid change.  All graduates - whatever their degree discipline - need to be equipped with employability skills. Employability covers a broad range of non-academic or softer skills and abilities which are of value in the workplace. It includes the ability to work in a team; willingness to demonstrate initiative and original thought; self-discipline in starting and completing tasks to deadline.

To find out more about how to develop your employability skills and to see what other Cardiff Met graduates have done, visit the Cardiff Met Employability Pages.

Graduate Attributes
Cardiff Met has identified 6 Graduate Attributes and aspires to support all students to develop these within their programmes.  These Graduate Attributes all contribute significantly to students' employability development.  They are:

  • Problem-solving and analytical ability
  • Interpersonal skills and networking
  • Global citizenship
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Effective communication
  • Creativity and innovation

For a description of each of the Attributes, review the Graduate Attributes - Student Guidance ​Leaflet.