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Jobs & Work Experience

In a competitive graduate market it is important you have the edge. Gain work experience and be prepared when searching for jobs.

Finding a job

Learn job search strategies, understand graduate recruitment and get started with some recommended job search sites. Start finding a job.

Internships and work experience

Taking part in an internship or work experience is a great way of building your skills and trying out a job you are interested in. Find internship and work experience opportunities.

Working outside the UK

Whether you are a UK based student looking to go abroad or an international student returning home, this information will help you find opportunities outside the UK. Find out about working abroad.

GO Wales: Achieve through Work Experience

The GO Wales: Achieve through Work Experience Programme is designed provide additional support to students in Wales who face barriers in securing work experience. More information about GO Wales.

Centre for Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in starting your own business and want advice and support, the Centre for Entrepreneurship is the place to go. Find out how the Centre for Entrepreneurship can help you.