School of Education and Social Policy

Education (Subject Specific, Primary and Secondary)

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Cheryl AnthonyPrimary Mathematics and ICT.
Professor Gary BeauchampPrimary Education, ICT in Education, Music Education, Primary School Science Education
Sally BethellProblem-based learning
Jo BowersLiteracy, children's literacy, Reading for Pleasure, Picture books and talk, Philosophy for Children
Ruth CoakleyDialogic teaching in primary science, The potential impact of Forest Schools within primary school , The pedagogical needs of primary science teachers. 
Nick YoungPrimary School Education
Leanne DaviesAdults engagement in education at various stages of life. Impact on education in terms of the benefits to an individual's confidence and career opportunities.
Sian Davies- BarnesMusic education, Creativity in arts education, Creative partnerships in primary education
Susan DavisEducation - Personal and Social Development, Well-being, Emotional Literacy, Emotional Resilience, Moral and Spiritual Development
Dr Jane DorrianImplementation and management of early years' policy, Engaging young children in learning, Early education as social policy and International perspectives on early years education
Chantelle HaughtonForest School, Outdoor Play and Learning, Emotional Literacy, Inclusion for families and children, Holistic child development
Paul HerringtonInitial Teacher Education & Training pre and post Furlong, Partnership Developments on a regional and pan-Wales basis, Curriculum development in art and design with reference to Curriculum Studies
June HurcomEarly years education and care, Gender, particularly the role of men in early years education and care
Viv JohnMusic education, Informal learning, Creativity in education
​Rick NewnhamY​outh work, youth work in Wales, history of youth work, participation and democracy in education


Bethan JonesScience Education and assessment for learning
Tim PalazonBarriers and incentives to participation in adult and continuing education, lifelong learning in facilitating social inclusion and economic regeneration in Wales
Professor Dan DaviesDean of School, Teacher assessment in primary science education, creativity, The use of ICT to support primary science
Sharne WatkinsLanguage and literacy in primary education, Educational developments in Wales, Learning through enquiry
Kristine SobolMain teaching areas  Mathematics, Welsh Second Language and Welsh in Primary schools.
Meryl HopwoodTheatre in Education, Edward Bond
Dr Jan HuytonYouth and Community Work - supporting students, role of personal tutors, ethical issues to do with student support
​Daniel Tiplady​Welsh medium higher education. Welsh language services and legislation for staff, students and the public at HE level.  ​029 20417236

Digital Education

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Professor Gary BeauchampICT in Education
Jason DaviesDigital Literacy: its impact on learning in compulsory education, Design technology and computer science enhancement, Primary Design Technology
Dr Cecilia Hannigan-DaviesOnline learning, Blended learning, Virtual learning environments
Emily AbbinettICT in Education 02920416599
Kin YuThe use of ICT in education, Secondary Science education, Educational developments in ITET in Wales

Special Educational Needs

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
​Emily Abbinett​Special educational needs, ICT in Education, Assistive technologies Qualitative methodologies

Robert TaffurelliMedia and television
Nina Jones Television industries, television drama, media theory, celebrity culture, gender studies, digital cultures and new media. 02920201574

Language in Education (Welsh and Foreign Language)

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Sioned DafyddStudent confidence in the use of Welsh at Masters Level, The teaching of Welsh as a second language in Primary schools, The optimum school size for Welsh medium schools
Prof Janet LaugharneLanguages in Education, Bilingualism, with particular reference to Welsh and English in Wales, Metalinguistic knowledge / language awareness, Spoken Narrative
Dr Jill Llewellyn- WilliamsModern Foreign Languages: Teaching and Learning, Language Acquisition and Memory, Linguistic Competence, Student Motivation and Involvement 
Gina MorganDevelopments in the field of second language teaching in Welsh, The impact of the MEP programme and MEP students in raising standards in Welsh schools
Gabriel RobertsEnglish language testing and assessment, Sociolinguistics, Language fossilization and progressing stabilised language forms, Integration and training of displaced medical healthcare professionals
Angharad WilliamsWelsh medium education
​Dr Mirain Rhys​Bilingualism, minority languages, Welsh language, Early Years education, Welsh medium education, Educational policy and practice evaluations.

Welsh speaker​02920416892

English (Literature & Language)

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
​Dan Anthony​Children's Literature, Scriptwriting, Intellectual Property, Short Story Writing, Fiction, Writing in the Community, Festivals


Dr Carmen CasaliggiEnglish - Ruskin and Turner, romanticism,
Dr Dimitra FimiFantasy literature, Science Fiction in literature and film, Children’s literature and children’s fantasy, Classical, Celtic and Norse myth and folklore in literary texts, Adaptation of literary works for the screen
Professor Jeff WallaceEnglish Lecturer, D.H. Lawrence, Haruki Murakami, John Berger, Abstraction as a critical concept, Literature and bibliotherapy, Literature and science, Humanism and posthumanism, Contemporary literatures
Dr Elizabeth EnglishLesbian Modernism, Modernist writing, Literary censorship, Cultural hierarchies and the middlebrow, Early twentieth-century genre fictions
Dr Kate NorthCreativity and Pedagogy, Writing in the Community, Interdisciplinary applications of writing practice, Narrative medicine, Novel writing and Short story writing, Poetry, Writing process and theory,Cross-genre writing, creative non-fiction, literary journalism 02920205839
​ Dr David E. OpravaP​oetry, Fiction, experimental writing

​Dr Kathyrn Simpson​Modernism, Virginia Woolf, Contemporary Writing , LGBT Writing

​02920 415980


NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Robert Taffurelli

Working class inclusion in the film and media industries, Film Realism, Documentary and political cinema, American Independent Cinema, Film Journalism criticism, Regional film representation and identity
Nina Jones Television industries, television drama, media theory, celebrity culture, gender studies, digital cultures and new media. 02920201574
​Michael Lovelock​LGBT people in reality TV

LGBT visibility in celebrity culture
LGBT vloggers
Gender fluidity​02920201574