School of Health Sciences

Food Science and Technology

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Vitti AllenderFood science technology 02920416446
Dr Ara KanekanianFood Preservation Technology, Chemical Analysis of Foods, Food Biotechnology, Nutritional Therapy, New Product Development, Dairy Technology and Raw Food Materials
Katherine GallimoreFood habits, food composition tables, professional skills, communication/teaching skills and clinical dietetics, namely diabetes.
Andrew CurninFood Safety 02920416854
David LloydZero to Five: Food Industry Centre. Please contact David for all food industry related requests.
Huw EvansLaw and related areas on the Health & Social Care, Environmental Health and Food Science & Technology 02920416887

Nutrition and Dietetics

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Alison NichollsHuman Nutrition and Dietetics  
Dr Ruth FairchildHuman Nutrition
Hilary WickettPublic Health Nutrition
Rhiannon HarrisNutrition

Speech and Language

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Calum DelaneySpeech and language Therapy - fluency disorders and clinical and academic assessment.
Dr Robert MayrPhonetic and phonological acquisition in monolingual, bilingual and multilingual children, Second-language speech perception and production, First language attrition of speech, Normal and disordered speech
Hannah PlumptonSpeech sound disorders and language impairment, adults with a persisting developmental language impairment
Kate Tuckerspeech and language therapy. Aphasia. Stroke.

Biomedical Science

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Prof. Jorge D. ErusalimskyRelationship between ageing and cardiovascular diseases for over fifteen years, modulation of vascular cell senescence by stress-response proteins and on biomarkers of vascular ageing
Prof. Rose CooperMicrobiology of wounds, mode of action of manuka honey on antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria isolated from infected and chronic wounds, such as MRSA.
Dr Rebecca
Prof. Ken JonesMucus secretion by bronchial epithelial cells:  asthma and chronic bronchitis. inflammatory pulmonary disease. Genetic influences & clinical patterns in peanut allergy. 
Dr Keith MorrisPathophysiology of inflammatory disease and its regulation
Dr Richard WebbDiabetes and Metabolic Health, inflammatory aspects of diabetes and its cardiovascular complications,  cytotoxicity subsequent to cellular exposure
Dr Rachel AdamsRole of white cells in decreased blood flow, Interactions between white blood cells and the vascular endothelium, peripheral vascular disease, aortic surgery, venous disease and diabetes
Dr Shelly-Ann EvansCirculation of blood, inflammatory and circulatory disorders, and environmental influences on haemorheology. Investigation of endothelial dysfunction in thyroid disease
Dr Sally HicksCellular Pathology, diagnostic value of measuring cytokines in cervical screening samples, effects of components of honey on several cell types involved in wound healing.
Karin JonesLaboratory Investigation of disease, Toxicological Pathology 
Dr Julia Rey-NoresThe response of the innate immune system to activation by pathogens. Modulation of the immune response by soluble CD14, Pattern recognition receptors: Toll-like receptors
Dr Neil RushmereAgeing and the control of the Cell Cycle, Anti-sense expression technologies, cellular and Genetic Mechanisms of Dietary Health Benefits, Carcinogenesis and Immunoevasion of Tumours
Dr Peter J WatkinsEffect of mild exercise on inflammatory markers in sedentary individuals.
Dr Barry McDonnellVascular physiology research -vascular aging in different pathophysiologies (e.g. diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis and hypertension) and the importance of exercise.
Dr Sarah MaddocksMedical microbiology,  biofilm models to ascertain the effect of individual host environmental stimuli
Delia RipleyAcute phase protein called Hepcidin, and its role in infection and immunity
Dr Maninder AhluwaliaAnti-inflammatory actions of a group of antidiabetic drugs, regulation of megakaryocyte biology and the mechanisms behind the action of anagrelide, a drug used for its platelet lowering actions
Dr James PearsonMacro/microvascular coupling in health and disease, Thermovascular physiology, Blood pressure regulation, Cardiovascular control during simulated haemorrhage 
Dr Katie ThirlawayLung cancer susceptibility, cystic fibrosis and physical activity, genetic explanations of type 2 diabetes &risk, prevention and treatment, work related stress, identifying high risk breast cancer sufferers
Rowena JenkinsAbility of honey to kill antibacterial resistant bacteria. antimicrobial resistance, novel antimicrobial agents and their role in combating microbial infection, particularly in chronic infections.
​Lowri Mainwaring​Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome in particular 
the impact of diet and exercise on this condition.
Laboratory medicine; diagnostic lab testing; 
developments in screening and diagnostics.
Endocrine base disorders.
Professional practice and healthcare regulation (HCPC).

Welsh speaker.​


NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Professor Robert WilliamsDental Technology and Innovation 
Jeff LewisOrthodontics, Prosthodontics 


NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Dr Tina AlwynClinical psychology, psychology therapies, substance abuse, high risk therapies, gender role and outcomes with alcohol misuse treatment. Mental health
Dr Andy WattTheories of criminal behaviour, Schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder, Cytopathology
Dr Daniel HeggsSocial psychology, family bonds in imprisoned men, motivation in prison based activity, influence of trust when communication health risks.
Dr Caroline LimbertOccupational psychology, work place health and wellbeing, psychometric testing, eating behaviour and disorder, job satisfaction in the military
Dr Jenny MercerSocial psychology, women who choose not to have children, cystic fibrosis, benefits of gardening for stress, relatives of someone with dementia, mood disorder
Dr Joselyn SellenForensic Psychology, psychological vulnerabilities, criminal minds, reoffenders employability
Dr Darren WalkerProspective memory​ (remembering to do things) and executive functioning in young, old and brain-damaged adults. 
Dr Debbie ClaytonLifestyle psychology, healthy ageing and the role of socially engaging leisure activities.
Mr Michael DunnCognitive Neuroscience, brain cognition, speech and language, evolutionary basis of attraction/attractiveness and human mating/sexual behaviour.
Dr Paul HewlettPsychology,  lifestyle behaviours, stress and stress management, psychological stress and diet on oxidative stress and inflammation, and motivation
Dr Nick PerhamLinks with background music and effectiveness, cognitive tasks, office and call centre noise, reducing excessive drinking, auditory distraction,
Nicola BowesForensic Psychologist, violent offending. Rape, child abuse,  risk assessment of violent offenders and exploring how more effective interventions

Housing and Social Care

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Dr Joanne AubreyHealth and Social Care
Marc FuryHousing
Liz HayesHousing, community, engagement in the community, housing policy
Dave MillerHealth and social care, children's homes, fostering systems.
Jane MuddApplied community sciences
Amanda ProtheroeHousing, gov funded house, renting, gov initiatives
Sarah ThomasSocial work
Rose O'DriscollSocial Care
Huw EvansLaw and related areas on the Health & Social Care, Environmental Health and Food Science & Technology
​Janet Beauchamp​Chartered Town Planner, Urban Design, Housing.​02920416294


NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Jane LewisPodiatry. Diabetes.
Dr Sarah CurranFoot function and patellofemoral joint pain, Footwear and lower limb function, Sports injuries/rehabilitation (lower limb)

Complementary Therapies

NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Judith WhatleyReflexology, Complementary therapies


NameArea of ExpertiseEmailPhone Number
Dr Peter SykesOccupational risks posed to worker's exposed to dust and bioaerosols in the waste treatment industry
George KaraniPoverty related diseases, Emergency preparedness and response, Traffic accidents, Environmental radiation, malaria