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Ada Huggett-Fieldhouse - Learning Developer


Ada Huggett-Fieldhouse
Learning Developer
Room number: M0.01   
Extension Number: 6486   

Contact me if you want more information about:

• Student Engagement Data Dashboards (Data Explorer or Study Goal)
• Peer Assisted Learning (PALS)
• Panopto ReView
• Flipped learning and active pedagogies

I’ve worked in QED since June 2016. My post initially focused on the roll-out of Panopto ReView, encouraging and supporting staff to use video in creative ways in order to enhance teaching and learning. I continue to work with Panopto ReView: supporting staff to imagine ways of using video to enhance their teaching and helping with both technical and pedagogical advice.

Similarly, I run Flipped Learning PgCTHE workshops to explore how video can help us maximise face-to-face time and our VLEs. I teach other key workshops on the PgCTHE, including Planning for Teaching and Feedback. My pedagogic interests are active learning, experiential learning and (co-)constructing the curriculum.

I also lead on projects and work relating to Student Engagement Data Dashboards. My interest here is helping staff to support students. I’m particularly focused on creating an environment where Personal Tutors and other staff can have evidence-based conversations about students’ engagement in a way that empowers and enlightens.

I lead the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme at Cardiff Met. Second year students facilitate fun sessions based on what the students have already been taught. My team and I work hard to empower our leaders to create the right conditions for attendees to learn in. Hundreds of students turn up at these sessions each year – get in touch if you’d love to see this running on your programme – as we provide comprehensive support and training.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, exploring outdoors with my adorable Japanese Chin and a nice cup of tea!