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Educational Change and Student Success

Educational Change and Student Success


​Following the recent call for membership of new Educational Change and Student Success Projects by Claire Morgan, Dean of Learning and Teaching, action groups have now been established - membership details below.

The action groups will provide opportunities for a variety of staff to actively support the delivery of the University's Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy and ambitious KPIs. The groups will report regularly to the Learning and Teaching Board, and will sit alongside existing groups, which are looking at the development of the Cardiff Met HEAR, Curriculum Management Project Board, and the Retention Working Group

Why are we launching these projects?

This is an exciting period of change for the University with the arrival of a new Vice-Chancellor in October, and for the HE sector more widely, as we await the Welsh Government's decision on our inclusion in the Teaching Excellence Framework. So as the landscape of higher education is changing, Cardiff Met needs to ensure that it is prepared for this future, attracts high quality students and enables them to succeed in their degree and employment outcomes.To this end, LTDU are delighted to announce that the University's Learning and Teaching Board has recently commissioned a series of new action groups to take forward a range of educational projects that focus on key institutional priorities to transform the Cardiff Met student experience.

What are the themes of the projects?

In this current phase, we are launching three pieces of work:

Electronic Submission, Marking and Feedback

The main objectives of this group will be to:

  • Manage the roll-out of electronic submission across Cardiff Metropolitan University;
  • Monitor Schools’ progress against roll-out plans;
  • Advise on developments within electronic submission, marking and feedback; 
  • Promote excellence in feedback practices across all Cardiff Met programmes (for instance by collating and disseminating examples of best practice in relation to electronic submission, marking and feedback); 
  • Consider, and mitigate against, Occupational Health and Well-being concerns relating to electronic assessment and feedback approaches; 
  • Oversee the development of staff/student policies and guidance in relation to electronic submission, marking and feedback;
  • Carry out evaluation, for example by seeking feedback from users and responding to their requirements, issues or concerns;
  • Communicate information, including new developments, to key stakeholders.

Group membership:

Cecilia Hannigan-Davies (CSE) – Chair

Cath Davies (CSAD)

Dan Heggs (CSHS)

James Briggs (L&IS)

Joe Wells (Academic Registry)

Mark Samuels (CSS)

Rebecca Bloyce (Print Studio)

Rhianne Critcher (CSM)

Sophie Turner (CSAD)

Sue Tangney (LTDU)

Victoria O'Keefe (LTDU)

Yvonne Perkins (CSS)

Graduate Attributes and Learning Gain

Engaging key stakeholders from Schools and relevant Units (including those involved in the development of the HEAR, programme design processes/guidance, employability and Quality Assurance), the group will work together to:

  • Ensure that key stakeholders are aware of progress/updates in relation to any activities/areas of work within the institution that are linked to Graduate Attributes;
  • Drive forward the ‘Learning Gain’ agenda; including exploring how the different ways in which students benefit from their learning experiences can be identified and/or measured.
  • Consult with staff and students, seeking their views and ideas on the development of a Graduate Attributes Framework (and feeding back progress);
  • Ensure that all activities that link with Graduate Attributes are aligned in terms of their objectives;
  • Raise the visibility of work on Graduate Attributes within Cardiff Met;
  • Advise on the development of a Graduate Attributes Framework;
  • Develop a communication plan for Graduate Attributes and Learning Gain;
  • Address any ‘gaps’ identified, and;
  • Prevent duplication of effort.

Group membership:

Mark Sutcliffe (CSM) – Chair

Alastair Tomlinson (CSHS)

Alison Walker (CSHS)

Barnaby Dicker (CSAD)

Nicola Poole (ASQU)

Stuart Abbott (LTDU)

Sue Wilkinson (CSE)

Tim Palazon (CSE)

James Hirst (Employability)

Jo Hendy (LTDU)

Aimee Jones (Academic Skills)

Digital Engagement​

Working closely with the IT Committee and the Data and Information Governance Committee, the objectives of the group will be to:

  • Transform the digital student experience;
  • Extend the University’s capacity for and use of technology enhanced learning;
  • Improve the digital capabilities of all staff;
  • Establish projects and activities against each of the above objectives, some of which will be identified through the Your Technology roadmap consultation.

Group membership:

Dimitra Fimi (CSE) – Chair

Ada Huggett-Fieldhouse (LTDU)

Andrew Morgans (Academic Skills)

Charlie Bull (CSAD)

Gareth Johns (L&IS)

Jason Davies (CSE)

Lawrence Wilson (Student Services)

Paul Symonds (CSS)

Sarah Williams (BIS)

Taslima Begum (CSM)

Tom Crick (CSM)