Induction projects



​​The induction period has been identified as an important factor in both the retention of students, and enhancement of their overall first year experience at university.

The LTDU Induction projects support and inform the restructuring/expansion of both the design and content of the induction period at programme level - to address this key moment in the student experience.

Induction projects include: 

Dr Sheena Carlisle-Gaye - BA Tourism Management
Event: An interactive day between staff and students, allowing new undergraduates to gain an insight into, and experience, local tourism development in Cardiff. 

Glynn Stockton  - BA Product Design
Event: A live design project, whereby students design and build simple products within a 2 day timescale, as well as a formalised team building exercise. 

Dr Claire Haven-Tang - MSc Tourism Management, MSc Events Management, MSc Hospitality Management
Event: Informative and interactive induction programme which facilitates group networking, intercultural change and bonding.  It is anticipated that this will lead to higher levels of student satisfaction, retention sense of affiliation with Cardiff Metropolitan University and their programmes and peers. 

Dr Bill Davies - Personal Development Planning - Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences
Event: An outdoor activity-based 2-3 day residential, comprising problem solving group work. The project has been designed to promote self development, improve communication skills, personal assessment, teamwork and leadership.