LTDU Projects



LTDU is involved with a range of project work to further the understanding of learning & teaching issues, and to disseminate current practice and developments to colleagues. We also undertake a range of collaborative projects which are internally and externally funded.

Teaching Fellowships:
LTDU managed the annual Learning and Teaching Fellowships (Project Calls)  which were designed to promote learning and teaching research. Information on projects 2002-2011 can be found here

Internal projects:
The Diary Room | Retention/Induction Projects​​

Internationalising the Curriculum:
Cardiff Met's Learning, Teaching & Assessment Strategy (2007-2010) recognised​ the need for graduates to attain skills that enable them to operate not only in their local cultural environment, but also in a global society. This requires staff to be mindful of the need to prepare students for global citizenship and incorporate an international perspective when designing curricula. The LTDU Internationalisation Project addresses these issues, and University staff can access the LTDU guide to Internationalisation here

Student Led Teaching Fellowships:
Cardiff Met's Student-led teaching fellowships, launched in 2011/2012, provide students with the opportunity to recognise and reward good teaching practice. LTDU in partnership with the Students' Union identified five categories and related criteria under which students could provide evidence-based nominations. For more information, please click the below links:
Student-led teaching fellowships 2013/14
Student-led teaching fellowships 2012/13
Student-led teaching fellowships 2011/12​​

​Purposeful Partnerships:
More information can be found here​​