Mark Pelling - Senior Learning Development Officer

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Senior Learning Development Officer   
Room number: T0.08   
Extension number: 5743   

Since joining the university ten years ago Mark has been involved in many Learning and Teaching initiatives, from National bench marking, JISC projects such as FE in HE, to the current transition to Moodle. He oversees the Learning Development team who support pedagogical change, not just technology in all areas of L&T.

Marks interest in technology enhanced learning started with a European project in 1994 looking at using interactive chat using Apple Hypercard. From this it developed to using the first version of Moodle in 2002 and seeing how these environments could provide learning potential, has been an advocate for using technology for teaching and learning. He has worked in all sectors of education including a primary school and finishing as Head of Network development in a large Secondary school. Mark has wide experience of education and has been involved with various organisations from Forest School to local voluntary agencies.

He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, part of the steering group for the Heads of e-Learning Forum, a representative for Association of Learning Technologists, an active member of the British Computer Society and what with having four children little time to do anything else, but when he can, he is camping, walking or on an adventure with his family.

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