PgCTHE workshop timetable



If you wish to attend any o​f the sessions listed below, please click the workshop title link to book on via the Cardiff Met Learning Pool.

Please note: a fee of £100 will be made to Schools/Units if five days notice is not given of cancellation.
​The Welsh-medium Teaching Development Scheme also runs workshops, some of which may be used as evidence in the PgCTHE.

Induction for 24th cohort

Tues 5th Sept 2017, O1.08, Llandaff

Thurs 7th Sept 2017, O1.08, Llandaff

Tues 12th Sept 2017, O1.08, Llandaff​

Assessment​​: effective feedback , Ruth Matheson1330 - 1630, Fri 15th Sept 2017, M1.02, Llandaff
Planning for teaching, ** Ruth Matheson1330 - 1630, Wed 27th Sept 2017, M1.02, Llandaff
​​Teaching for learning: an introduction to learning theory, ** Sue Tangney ​0930 - 1230, Tue 10th October 2017, M1.02, Llandaff
Assessment: alignment, reliability and using assessment criteria, ** Sue Tangney1330 - 1630, Weds 25th Oct 2017, M1.O2, Llandaff
Curriculum and community: authentic learning for real world change, Stuart Abbott​1330 - 1630, Tues 9th Nov 2017, M1.02, Llandaff
​Engaging students in large lecture situations, Julia Longville​0930-1230, Mon 20th Nov 2017, M1.02, Llandaff
What do we mean by the inclusive curriculum?, ** Sue Tangney, Claire Flay-Petty, and Lisa Edwards1330 - 1630, Thurs 30th Nov 2017, M1.02, Llandaff
Scenario based learning , Stuart Abbott​0930 - 1230, Mon 4th Dec 2017, M1.02, Llandaff

Please click here​​ for previous semester's workshops - in case you need dates to record in your portfolio, and to give you some idea of what you might expect in future semesters

**  compulsory during first two years or enrolment period (whichever is shorter) for Sept 2008 PgC THE cohort onwards

Induction for 25th cohort

Mon 8th Jan 2018, O1.08, Llandaff

Wed 10th Jan 2018, O1.08, Llandaff

Fri 12th Jan 2018, O1.08, Llandaff

PgC THE Dissemination Event – followed by light lunch0900 - 1400, Mon 11th June 2018, O1.15 & O1.16, Llandaff
​PgcTHE Exam Board​16.00, Mon 11th June 2018, O1.34