Programme Development




Programme Development  projects provide an opportunity to examine current practices and conventions within Programmes, Departments and Schools - in relation to learning, teaching and support. Our approach focuses on three main areas: Values and Principles, Defining Learning Outcomes and Standards as set out in the Academic Handbook. A Resource Pack has been developed in order to assist staff in addressing programme redesign - Cardiff Metropolitan University staff can access this resource by clicking here​.

Cardiff Met is currently developing a number of Open Educational Resources (OERs).  For further information, please click here

A central aspect of Cardiff Met's approach to Programme Design was facilitated by the Gwella​ initiative (a Welsh word meaning improvement/enhancement). A number of Programme and Module Leaders worked very closely with LTDU to lead changes to the delivery of whole or key elements of their programmes.  Please click here​ for more information on these collaborative Programme Redesign/Gwella projects between LTDU and School staff.   A booklet has also been produced - illustrating the developments undertaken as part of the Gwella initiative.  Please click here​ to access a PDF version of the booklet.

"Programme design is often a creative, and often, innovative activity. The process used by institutions to approve, monitor and review academic programmes should foster creativity and encourage a culture of continuous enhancement of provision."
(QAA Code of Practice, 2006, Section 7: Programme Design, Monitoring and Review, Para 14, p.5.)​​​