Student Led Teaching Fellowships 2012/13


Student-led Teaching Fellowships 2012-13


​​Cardiff Met's student-led teaching fellowships, provide students with the opportunity to recognise and reward good teaching practice.

The Quality Enhancement Directorate (QED) in partnership with the Students' Union (SU) have identified five categories and related criteria under which students can provide evidence-based nominations.

The categories were chosen to reflect areas identified in the NSS, the University's Learning and Teaching Strategy, and important sector-wide themes

For a PDF booklet describing the Student-led Teaching Fellowships 2012-13, please click here​. A summary of the awards can be seen below:

Promoting confidence in learning

Students were asked to provide evidence for those who had promoted confidence in learning by:

      • Providing academic support to enable you to reach the academic requirements of your course
      • Creating a safe environment for risk taking and practicing skills
      • Providing information on course content and expectations up front
      • Encouraging student participation
      • Making each student feel like a valued member of the university community
      • Providing examples and opportunities for improvement

Winner: Mark Samuels - Lecturer, Performance Sport

Mark Samuels

"Mark provides comprehensive, balanced and encouraging feedback and support throughout his lectures and assessments. He uses his efforts to get to know each student as individuals to enable him to provide informative and instructive feedback, outlining strengths, and areas for improvement with enough support for the student to be able to build on their skills independently."

Best Preparation for the future

Students were asked to provide evidence for those who had provided the best preparation for the future by:

      • Providing real-lie experiences to help you apply theory to practice
      • Providing or sign posting opportunities to engage with the workplace
      • Providing or signposting opportunities to develop your skills for the future
      • Encouraging risk taking and innovation
      • Creating a safe environment to practice skills
      • Providing team-working opportunities to develop problem-solving and leadership skills.
      • Offering clear channels of communication

Winner: Steve Moore - Principal Lecturer, Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Stephen Moore

"He gets the group to actively engage within our learning. He encourages group discussion at each of the tables and ensures every table feeds back their ideas at the end to share with the group. When you leave one of his seminars you feel you have learnt something new and are taking away valuable knowledge that you can apply to the workplace. "


Assessment that Enhances Learning

Students were asked to provide evidence for those who had provided assessment methods that enhanced learning by:

      • Being useful and relevant
      • Providing feedback that helps you understand and identify areas for improvement throughout the learning process
      • Promoting creativity and allowing risk taking
      • Being well organised and achievable
      • Providing you with clear expectations and criteria that enable you to succeed.

Winner: Annette Daly - Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Annette Daly"Typically we are assessed in a number of pieces of work over the year and a number of different methods are employed. By structuring learning/assessment in such a way it not only highlights areas in which we are strong/weak in, so we can learn to improve at the bits we're struggling with, but  It also means that we learn to be more organised with our workload, get to be creative (seminars)and  take control of our learning. That stands us in good stead for all the modules not only her modules. "

Innovative Teaching

Students were asked to provide evidence for those who had brought a subject to life through innovative teaching by:

      • Bringing something out of the ordinary to engage you in learning
      • Using methods that get you to look beyond the classroom
      • Using new technologies or social media to enhance your learning, promote communication and encourage relationship building.

Winner: Ingrid Murphy - Subject Leader for Ceramics and Maker

Ingrid Murphy"What can I say?!  Ingrid is constantly looking ahead at the newest, innovative technologies that might assist us in learning. These range from the introduction of QR codes to digital printing to the use of Augmented Reality in learning and expression. Her seminars are extraordinary and will be remembered by all for many years to come, e.g. discussions surrounding sublime experiences, ideal objects or personal values and engage all individually or within groups in deep enquiry and decision making."


Most Inspirational Teaching

Students were asked to provide evidence for those who had brought a subject to life through enthusiastic and inspirational teaching by:

      • Encouraging debate and critical thinking
      • Showing enthusiasm and breathing vitality into their subject
      • Using assessment methods that inspire creativity of thought or action
      • Inspiring you to achieve to the best of your ability
      • Challenging you and encouraging further exploration of the subject
      • Providing team-working opportunities to develop problem solving and leadership skills.​

Winner: Chantelle Haughton - Lecturer, Early Childhood Studies

Chantelle Haughton"Chantelle is a knowledgeable lecturer who inspires others through her enthusiasm and true passion for Early Years. She looks beyond what others would see enabling true understanding and criticality when undertaking research and assessments. She is known for making us do warm-ups, jumping around and encouraging us to be reflective and engaging in team tasks. Lectures and Seminars are always engaging and this follows through to assessments too."​​