Student Led Teaching Fellowships 2013/14

Student led Teaching Fellowships 2013/14

​Cardiff Met's Student-led Teaching Fellowships, launched in 2011/2012 and co-ordinated by the SU & QED, are now in their third year. These Fellowships provide students with the opportunity to recognise and reward excellent teaching practice.

In the previous two years, we've selected categories under which students were requested to nominate. This year we have changed the format, and asked students to identify outstanding teaching in their own School. This has allowed us to capture examples of best practice within each School, and enabled students to recognise those individuals who display qualities and expertise that span a number of categories.

For a PDF booklet describing the Student-led Teaching Fellowships 2013-14, please click here​. A summary of the awards can be seen below:

What the students say: Nigel understands what perspective everyone comes from with regards to the topic and how that individual influence may or may not be relevant. He always likes to make little fun quirks whilst there's an activity going on, this makes the learning method much easier to understand. His feedback is extremely useful. Having feedback in video form is much easier! It is worth waiting for the marks just to get your video feedback. Nigel does a fantastic job!​

What the students say: Commitment to the course, extra-curricular activities such as tips for the students, courses, communication with students after graduation, introducing the students to established creatives, vast amount of knowledge and experience, encouragement and criticism, encouragement of debate and critical thinking: these fuel the intensity  and overall depth of student engagement within the course. But most of all the ability to listen and making the students believe in themselves. The care shown from Anna for her students is what makes us so confident in our practice.​

What the students say: Emily's lectures are always engaging and clear she is able to make the learning relatable and enjoyable. She always tries to make the seminars interactive, personal and fun. She's always helpful and encourages everyone to think outside the box and interact with each other. Emily is a really good motivator, friendly, enthusiastic and most importantly her delivery is clear and easy to understand.

What the students say: Throughout our immunology and cell biology modules Cathryn has not ceased to inspire with relevant, clinical and humorous examples of immune responses and DNA structure. Her tutorials have helped understanding of what is required and she provides very useful learning techniques i.e. spider diagrams and routine quizzes. Let's not forget the sweets as rewards, purely because week after week she spends her money to encourage student feedback in lectures. It isn't the sweets, it is the right attitude or a positive method to get us interacting and debating. She is very easy to approach and always has the time to answer questions, especially when she sees that we are interested.

What the students say: ​Brendan approaches the coaching science module with inspiring confidence. He displays great composure and knowledge both in lectures and seminars. He is always on hand to help with any queries or problems. Brendan has inspired me to get involved with leading seminars as a MSc level student and he is a big role model to myself and others!