Student Led Teaching Fellowships 2014/15

Click here for a PDF of the SLTF 2015 booklet (English)

We're delighted to present the outcomes of yet another productive year of partnership between Cardiff Met SU and QED.  This is the fourth annual award for Teaching Fellows - who've been recognised by their students for the quality of their teaching and their commitment to the student experience.

The student comments demonstrate not only the high standards of teaching, but also the numerous ways in which staff help to prepare students for their future.

The partnership forged between QED learning developers and the Students' Union allows the students' insights to inform our continuous improvement by providing examples of those practices that have really made a difference. These insights also demonstrate the innovative and creative teaching practices that exist in Cardiff Met.

A PDF booklet describing the Student-led Teaching Fellowships 2014-15 is available. Please click for either the English or Welsh version. A summary of the awards can be seen below:

What the students say:​

Mikel encourages us to think for our​selves, encouraging a sharing of ideas but with an expectation that these ideas need be challenged and that it is not good enough to label everyone the same. His willingness to share his own experiences encourages us to share ours and learn from each other

Mikel provides a different outlook on Sport Psychology, going above and beyond for the masters students in terms of providing support. Lectures are not just slides that are read from, they are interactive and fun, which makes learning so much easier. Being open and honest about himself as a person makes students buy into his lectures so much more! All round great guy, loved by all!

His tutorials make you consider the link between theory and practice and challenge your own ideas and beliefs. He makes you reflect on your own thinking and how you react to different situations, looking at the whole person not just the performance element.

Mikel connects very well with the class and is extremely warm and approachable. It's commendable how he structures each class and gives thought to the various methods of delivering a module. He's a brilliant teacher and a lovely person. 

Inspiring lecturer - always goes the extra mile to help support us.

What the students say:

She has a wealth of knowledge, which she uses to point you in the right direction with ideas; this has been for example showing me artists to inspire my work or pointing me to the right member of staff in the university to help with an idea. As a tutor she is very inspirational, her work is so powerful and challenges the boundaries between activities for example with her Run to Draw project and this is something she encourages us to do - be brave and take risk with our work.

Amelia has supported and encouraged me to explore multiple different ways of visual storytelling. I feel like I have had the freedom to explore my ideas using different outcomes, from painting to ceramics to creating installations and I have loved how Amelia has encouraged this cross-disciplinary approach to illustration. Amelia often says how important it is to create work that speaks and tells a story.

Amelia showed me a new, very effective way of working, which allowed me to really fast forward in my practice. It increased my creativity and productivity, and boosted my confidence when I realised it was actually leading somewhere and that the outcome kept improving.

She teaches us the importance of dealing with serious and sensitive topics in our work, yet at the same time injects a sense of fun into all she engages us in. Her assessments and feedback are always constructive and give you a stronger sense of direction because she talks to us as adults yet nurtures us as students. Because of this I have learned so much already and feel I could not be in a better place to be studying my degree.​

What the students say:

Mark provides us not only with courses but an environment that encourages learning, but above all he promotes trust and belonging. His classes take more original forms than classic lectures with a lot of interaction and nontraditional tools (outward bound experiences, debates, picture cubes to express ideas, mind mapping, blogs, podcasts etc.) combined with traditional ones. Critical thinking is an objective spread throughout our classes. He provides a lot of additional material to encourage us to broaden our knowledge. In order to get the best results possible, Mark has implemented formative assessments in a lot of our classes (especially during the first semester), which thanks to this feedback provides opportunities for improvement. Last but not least, Mark's teaching style is enthusiastic, optimistic and creates a conducive environment to listen, learn and engage.

Mark is a very creative and innovative teacher. He always comes up with interesting activities and assessment methods. He engages all students in the class and encourages debates. For one of the assessments he had us write a collective blog, for another one, he's having us build a scrapbook. He always experiments with new feedback methods such as podcasts and one-on-one meetings. He's a supportive teacher, creative and treats us as colleagues not as his student

Mark makes his lectures and seminars interesting. He is highly knowledgeable in his field. His enthusiastic and creative ways of teaching helps me engage in learning. He should be acknowledged for this. 

He encourages creativity and critical thinking in his class. He is also very creative in the way he teaches his students. He is always encouraging us to debate. Mark is always available to us via email, physically (after class, in his office, even if you find him in a corridor​

What the students say:

My dilemmas are always met with a professional and efficient manner by Gill and I always feel much better for sharing my experiences with her, whether they are positive or negative. At times where I have felt that I am not ready for new opportunities, she has been supportive and encouraging to say the least. For example, I have been supported through the process of furthering my career as a professional by Gill, who has encouraged me to apply for posts ready for leaving the university establishment.

Gill has motivated me to have faith in myself and my own practice as I prepare to enter the working world. Gill is a much-loved member of the department and is a firm favourite amongst the student body. We are overwhelmed with appreciation for her and feel that she deserves something back from the student body. Gill remains the same supportive and inspirational figure, even though she has taken the huge responsibility of being programme director only this year. The examples given in this nomination are just a few from my experience as a student. There are many more students that she has helped in so many more ways! There are countless things that I could say about Gill, but the only thing that is important in this instance is that I do not know of anyone more deserving of the award.

Gill is an amazing lady, using her unique approach of comedy and passion to teach sociology and social psychology to teach students the importance of this on the impact it affects young people in today’s society. Without Gill I would probably have left university as I have grown in confidence and really feel encouraged by this extremely good lecturer. Gill really inspires me and therefore now I'm drawing up business plans etc. to work with young people on a bigger scale because Gill believes in me.

Gill operates an open door policy for all students on our course (BA Youth and Community Work). She is always available for a chat and some tea if we are in the midst of a crisis. For example, when I have felt that perhaps the course has become too much for me, I have been welcomed by her to discuss my issues open and honestly. I have never hesitated to share my concerns with her due to her warm and bubbly personality. She has inspired me in so many ways to be a much better practitioner. She is always at hand if I want to reflect on something in particular. ​

What the students say:

Henry goes out of his way to bring examples of building materials into lectures. He is enthusiastic and encouraging. His approach inspires further interest in the subject and creates further debate within the class and outside the class. His ability to communicate during lectures and outside lectures is admirable and encouraging. The subject matter can be very dry but he has found ways to engage the subject and gain our fullest attention! Building Terminology Bingo!!! I find Henry to be a knowledgeable, entertaining, keen and approachable lecturer.

He regularly goes the extra mile: his seminars and lectures are well thought out, researched and executed. He mixes in group work, videos, quizzes as part of the learning experience and uses a multitude of practical knowledge gained in the industry with samples gained to relate his subject to us. He organises regular field trips. He has an open door policy and is always willing to help students with problems. Is always enthusiastic and welcoming...never has a bad day.

Henry supports every topic that he discusses in class with interesting real world examples of his own experience. Assessment feedback is given in the form of 10-20 minute online reviews that work page by page through each student’s individual work, showing you clearly every point that you can improve. He clearly demonstrates a passion for his subject that inspires students’ interests in the subject. Each assignment has forced me to gain an in-depth insight into each topic area covered.

Henry always puts so much passion and thought into every session. Each session is different and engaging. He always makes the sessions a two way process where we can ask questions, no matter how silly the questions can be. Every session brings something different, whether a trip or a lecture. No matter what, he always puts 100% thought into his lectures and is always available if you need help or advice.​