Streaming Media Server



​​Technology is providing increasingly rich and varied ways of consuming media, and education naturally reflects this evolution.  Using video and audio can assist Learning, Teaching & Assessment in many respects.

It can become more engaging - facilitating deeper and more meaningful understanding.  It can also provide a more flexible means of communication – both in terms of appealing to students with different learning styles, but also by facilitating content being accessed and revisited as and when required.

Delivering media via a streaming server (where it begins to play before the whole file, which is often large, has downloaded) allows the use of media in more efficient and integrated ways.  Cardiff Met has established a streaming media service over the past four years, and feedback from staff and students has been very positive.

The role of LTDU is primarily to promote the learning opportunities that streaming media offers, whilst supporting staff in its use via training.  The use of streaming media is a very rapidly evolving field, and as such LTDU are responsible for evaluating developments, and potential opportunities for using alternative systems. If you are interested in learning more about the Streaming Server and the opportunities it offers, please contact Ade Clark –