Student Experience



The LTDU carries out a range of activities which are designed to gather feedback from students.  This feedback is used to improve the student learning experience and inform strategy.  The team use a range of methods for gaining feedback in response to changes in how students prefer to be contacted.  The Student Experience remit includes:

Survey Design:
The Survey Monitoring Group has been established to approve proposals for University-wide student surveys.

The link below is an example of a questionnaire designed in consultation with the Personal Tutor Unit in the Cardiff School of Management:
Personal Tutor Survey Questionnaire (pdf)​

This is another example of a survey:
Staff and Student Expectation Survey​ (pdf)

Action planning:
Information gathered from surveys and projects such as the Diary Room and Induction Projects​ are used to inform action planning across Cardiff Metropolitan University, in support of both specific and broader improvements to the student learning experience.   Action planning in Schools and Units is supported in the following ways:

  • Findings from focus groups can inform Annual Programme Reports
  • Units can request information to support reporting
  • Results from surveys can highlight areas of good practice for dissemination
  • Results from the 'Diary Room' help to inform new induction, assessment & feedback initiatives 

Each year the Student Experience team collate and disseminate the National Student Survey Results (NSS) to all Schools.  Schools are presented with a breakdown of their results to help assist improvement strategies in the forthcoming year.   Results from internal student satisfaction surveys are also disseminated ​via papers to the University's relevant committees and boards.​​