Dr. Sue Tangney - Prog Director, Principal Lecturer


​Programme Director and Principal Lecturer   Sue Tangney 
Room number: M0.01   
Extension number: 5739   

  • I have been running the PgC Teaching in Higher Education since its inception in 2005 and so have seen a considerable number of our new academic staff gain confidence in teaching, and gain a good grounding in pedagogy which gets them started in an academic career.  I also work with more experienced staff running workshops and advising on specific aspects of curriculum review.

    I am part of the Open Door network, and am happy to meet with others to support their development in:

    • Internationalisation of the curriculum:  i.e. developing the cultural capacity of our students.  This has connections with EDGE, in particular the ethical and global aspects, as these are critical to the notion of the global citizen.  I run workshops in this area, and also developed the reflective tool which enables you to consider the extent to which your curriculum is internationalised.  This is here
    • Designing aligned assessment:  I run workshops on assessment as part of the PgC THE including constructive alignment of assessment within the module, inclusivity of assessment tools, and exploring alternative assessment tools for particular purposes. 

    I also supervise one doctoral student, and am a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  I sit on several panels and committees across the university. 

    My research interests include student-centred pedagogies; internationalisation of the curriculum; and sustainability in the curriculum.

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