The Diary Room



Investigating the student learning experience has been a focus of many universities in recent years. As a result, there is a danger of survey fatigue becoming a problem within student experience research. The student engagement project group aims to develop innovative, robust methodologies to let us hear the student voice and use this information to drive change by informing decision making and feeding into policy development.

One part of the LTDU student engagement project was the creation of the Cardiff Met Student Diary room. A 'Big Brother' style video diary room was set up on each of four campuses and students were asked 8 pre-recorded questions regarding Learning and Teaching issues on personal tutoring, assessment, feedback etc. A prize draw was offered to all entrants.

The results were analysed thematically and key topics identified for follow-up focus groups with targeted students e.g. part time, international. The outcomes were reported to the Learning and Teaching Board and disseminated to individual Schools for appropriate action.​