PgC THE Alumni Event 2016

Celebrating 10 years of the PgC THE

On Wednesday 7 September 2016 a staff development event was held for Alumni of the PgC Teaching in Higher Education in celebration of the programme's 10th birthday. Alumni of the programme were joined by the Programme Director Dr Sue Tangney, Dean of Learning and Teaching Claire Morgan, Deputy Deans of Learning and Teaching Bethan Gordon, Dr Kelvin Hughes, and Dr Ian Mathieson, and Head of Organisational Development Claire Coxshall.

The Keynote Lecture, provided by Professor Sally Brown and entitled 'Your career in higher education: a game of snakes and ladders', offered a personal perspective of career progression in the Higher Education sector, and candidly discussed the roles of experimentation and reflection, coincidence and circumstance, and active career planning. Professor Brown reviewed some of the choices that academic teachers are likely to face during their working lives in higher education and some of the steps which can be taken to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling career.  Professor Brown's keynote was followed by a presentation from Alastair Tomlinson, Programme Director for MSc Applied Public Health and graduate of the PgC THE, who discussed the application of problem-based learning techniques on a programme that had previously favoured a traditional approach to teaching.

Sally Brown's Keynote​

​​Professor Brown's keynote gave me a framework within which to reflect on my own career path…Alastair Tomlinson's subsequent discussion of his teaching intervention signalled an appropriate transition from the wider career focus to more specific and practicable everyday teaching practice. (Staff feedback on PgC THE 10th Anniversary celebration, 07.09.2016)

Following the presentations, a World café activity provided ample opportunity to discuss key issues with colleagues under four themed headings:

  • How do you upscale and embed interventions to be sustainable?​ Facilitated by Professor Sally Brown - Slides prepared by Sally for her own use;
  • How do you integrate a career of learning and teaching, and research? Facilitated by Dr Ian Mathieson;
  • How do you build your own leadership capacity? Facilitated by Clare Coxshall;
  • How do you effect change whilst reconciling the range of different agendas coming your way (employability/retention/ sustainability). Facilitated by Claire Morgan.

The key themes from each group were recorded on tablecloths, and are currently being collated and analysed.