How do I set up my artwork for glossy flyers?

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At Print Studio we cut our business cards and flyers out from larger sheets. This means your prints have no unwanted white borders and colour backgrounds can fully fill the page.

Whilst we make every effort to cut as precisely as possible, sometimes things move around slightly when passing through the machine. Although this is a very small amount (usually tenths of a millimetre!) it can result in uneven white lines around the final product.

To ensure a quality finish we'd recommend adding 3mm of 'spare' graphic (called bleed) around your artwork.
For example: an A5 flyer at 210 x 148mm would be 216 x 154mm, with added 3mm bleed

Anything placed in this additional area will get cut off, so avoid placing anything important like text here. It is important that any background colours or photos extend over into this bleed area, however.


Below is an example of an A5 flyer job that has been set up for print with 3mm of bleed. The dotted lines show where the sheet will be cut, producing four borderless A5 flyers.
Anything in these margins will be cut off but is still important to compensate for any slight movement as the paper gets fed through the machine for cutting.

If you are unable to amend your artwork Print Studio can add bleed for you (at additional cost).

bleed.jpg Example of an A5 flyer that has been set up for print