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Bright Ideas


​It’s your chance to make a difference ! That sustainability idea you’ve had for a while could become reality.  Whether a student, member of staff or visitor it’s your opportunity to make the Cardiff Metropolitan University experience that bit better.

Why bother ?

Your sustainability idea counts, this is an opportunity to make yourself heard and perhaps help shape the future of Cardiff Metropolitan University sustainability agenda.  All bright ideas are welcome, remember even a small suggestion could make a big difference. These ideas are presented and considered at termly Environmental Performance Group Meetings as part of our EMS.

Such as ?

Have you a great idea for a project about sustainability ? 

A recent suggestion for an additional Water Cooler was approved and financed by the Environmental Performance Group (see Water Cooler case study)

Please click here​ for further details on how to submit your sustainability​ bright idea.

Students can also submit their idea via the SU - Ideas Hub