Sustainability at Cardiff Met

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Cardiff Metropolitan University recognises the importance of the role it has to play in environmental management of its estate and in promoting principles of sustainability across all activities, including teaching and research. The University will manage and control its environmental risks in a sustainable manner by complying with relevant legislation and adopting where appropriate best practice.

Cardiff Metropolitan recognises a wide definition of sustainability, based on engaging in development that meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.​​ 

Environmental Impacts are reviewed each year as part of our Environmental Management System, reported in the annual report​ and at Environmental Performance Group Meetings.

Sustainability and Envt Reports
Policies, Strategies and Plans
Environmental Management System
Extract from Strategic Plan

"we will continue to strive to embed Sustainability Learning opportunities across all disciplines, developing sustainable graduates with the awareness and critical capabilities to respond effectively to challenges throughout all aspects of their lives and careers."​

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