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Wherever you are in the world, as our former students, you are important to us.

Your link to other alumni is simple – your shared experience of your time with us, either in Cardiff, or at one of our partner institutions. For the year or more that you studied here, it was the focus of your life. But for our international students, who have since returned home, that may now seem like a long way away.

We'd like to bring the university closer to you.

We are currently growing our network of Internatio nal Alumni Ambassadors to help develop our wider network of alumni overseas. Working with the Alumni Office and the International Office, these volunteer Alumni Ambassadors will become a key local point of contact for alumni. They will be responsible for local networking events, social gatherings, and may also help with student recruitment.

So if you are a member of our international alumni why not click on your country and get in touch with your ambassador:


The UWIC Alumni Association of Brunei is the only official society for alumni of a British university in Brunei. There is almost 200 alumni in Brunei, and the group was one of our first overseas chapters to be set up.

Azimah Zaili (HnD Health and Social Care 2010)

Alinayati Hj Perudin (BSc Environment Health 2011)
Vice President

Contact: bruwicardiffmet@gmail.com


My name is Aristide Gyslain TELLA NEGOU, I am a Cameroonian living in Douala (Cameroon). I graduated my MBA in Aristide Tella Cameroon.jpgFinance in November 2010 from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) through LSC and have since then relocated to my home country where I have now been working for more than 2 years as Financial Auditor for MAZARS.

I am a reserved and practical person who likes meeting new people. I would like not only to catch up with my fellow friends and batch mates, but also widen the network, horizons and opportunities of alumni.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Met?

I chose Cardiff Met because I wanted an international exposure. The lecture s received at Cardiff Met, the modules covered plus the English language learned and the diversity of people encountered there helped me achieve that goal of complete international exposure.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

There are now quite a lot of Cardiff Met alumni in Cameroon and nobody is yet volunteering for the role. It would be a good opportunity to keep in touch with other alumni, share with them and help the university widen the network of alumni overseas.

3. What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?

Seminars/meetings/workshops/social events are some of the means I intend to use to bring together alumni living in my area and share social and professional information together.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

This will be my first experience in such a role and I am ready to take the challenge on.

5.  What are your hobbies and interests?

I have a strong interest in technology and IT as well as networking. I enjoy tourism, reading, video gaming and sports.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you Cardiff Met degree?

The MBA in finance I studied helped me gain valuable numerical, critical, accounting and finance skills that I use in my everyday life and duties at MAZARS CAMEROON.


Desiree Jones, BSc (Hons) Psychology 2003

Desiree is our International Alumni Ambassador for Canada, based in Toronto. Here she shares some of her ideas for connecting our alumni who are from, or now living in Canada.

What made you volunteer for the role?

After leaving UWIC, I went on to study an MSc at the University of Bangor. I always missed UWIC though and looked back on my time spent there fondly. I am a very proud UWIC graduate, and I would be delighted to help support any former students living in Canada to connect with each other.

What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in Canada?

I think it would be wonderful to have events based in Canada - especially in Ontario where I live - so that we can gather Alumni together for dinners, day trips, etc. I'd be delighted to share my knowledge of the local area and customs with newly arriving alumni: being part Canadian and part Welsh, I feel I can assist with any difference of cultural norms here. I'd also like to establish a local e-newsletter showing what UWIC grads are doing in Canada.

Have you ever done any thing like this before?

I've not been involved with an alumni group before, but I have helped to organise a number of events for local charities and local musicians, including the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and the Kensington Health Centre. As a counsellor I have plenty of experience with connecting people to community resources.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Pretty diverse! I enjoy yoga, local events, music from around the world, animals, canoeing, culture, meditation, travelling, literature, movies, painting and opera.

Are you still using the skills gained during your UWIC degree?

Yes, absolutely. I work as a Clinical Trainer for a company called Shepell·fgi in Brampton, ON. Shepell·fgi provides integrated health and productivity solutions for small and medium sized companies. We offer a range of programs and services to address the mental, social and physical health issues that impact employee and organizational health. We partner with our clients to solve problems before they become personally or professionally costly, and as you can imagine, counselling is often a key part


Since Cardiff Met opened it's office in China last year we have seen more and more Alumni in China wanting to reconnect, Junlin Liu is a Cardiff Met Alumna working in that office for the university. Junlin is now one of our many ambassadors who is looking to connect with alumni in China.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Met?
I chose Cardiff because it is a beautiful seaside city, quite similar to my hometown, the blue sky, the fresh air and the sea. Also, Cardiff has very convenient transportation links and good surroundings. It is a University that has combined tradition with modernity.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?
When I studied at Cardiff Met, my classmates and I always engaged in lots of activities, from cooking dinner to travelling around the UK and I would like to continue that connection with alumni from my alma mater.

3. What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?
Firstly, I need to build up the relationship with them. Secondly, I will do more communication and activities. For instance, I would like to build a QQ (Chinese online chat) group, and tell my classmates, and then my classmates can help me to promote this. I will also add the new students who are going to our University into the group, because they have never been there, so they can ask questions. We can exchange life and work experiences, study tips and general advice here.

4. Have you done anything like this before?
I am trying to use this QQ group now. I think we can help each other and exchange the ideas in this group, so further communication with Alumni is needed.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?
Sometimes, I enjoy collecting coins, and I attempt to understand the background information about the design of the coin. I like climbing and mountain biking, because I prefer to do outdoor activities with my friends. Moreover, my biggest hobby is travelling, because I can meet different people.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during your Cardiff Met degree?
Absolutely, I found that presentation is important for every course; I had never tried before I went to Cardiff Met. After presenting many times, I obtained the confidence needed and I can now present confidently to large groups of students.

If you would like to contact Junlin please use the following e-mail: jliu@cardiffmet.ac.uk


With over 300 alumni in Colombia - mainly graduates from our courses taught at London School of Commerce - there is huge potential for a thriving network, especially within Bogota. Daniel Marin Echeverry is our Alumni Ambassador for Colombia, and he would be happy to be contacted on uwic_colombia@hotmail.com.


Dina Fathalla graduated from UWIC in 2004 with a MSc in Biomedical Science, she is now the Laboratory Coordinator in Cairo's Museum, Egypt. Dina tells us about her time at UWIC and why she wants to be an International Alumni Ambassador.

1. What made you choose UWIC?

I chose UWIC because I wanted to apply for a scientific Masters degree in Wales and found the ones offered at UWIC to be very interesting. I entered the Biomedical Sciences programme and really enjoyed it, the programme gives students a general overview and then allows them to specialise in their chosen topic in the second term, almost like a personalised course! UWIC also has the charm that many universities lack, it focuses more on the student as an individual and has a warm community atmosphere.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I volunteered for the role because I wanted to stay in touch with the university as well as with the other UWIC alumni from my country. I also wanted to be involved in events where prospective students were considering their university options and would be able to speak to someone who had actually attended a course there and experienced that lifestyle.

3. What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in Egypt?

I'd like to arrange social gatherings for a casual meet-and-greet over coffee to learn more about the alumni here. I'd also like to expand the network and share ideas of activities they would like to be involved in; for example charity events in Egypt, keeping them up to date with other events (recruitment fairs, TEDx events, etc.), meeting people who are interested in studying abroad to share our experiences and staying in touch with the university.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

I usually organise gatherings with people who have gone to the same school as me, like mini-reunions. This position involves a similar idea but on a much bigger scale, very exciting!

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

I love travelling and photography, I enjoy reading and going to the theatre or cinema.

6. Are you still using the skills gained from your UWIC degree?

Yes I am actually still using the skills I gained from my UWIC degree, they are mainly laboratory skills that I use on a daily basis and pass on to the employees I train here. Studying at UWIC also taught me how to handle my workload efficiently and present my ideas and results clearly.

Hong Kong

Samuel Swailes (Business Information Systems, 1st Class Honours, 2010) orignally from Illfracombe moved to Hong Kong and is now a consultant for KPMG, specializing in financial services, payments and information systems. We caught up with Samuel to hear about his move to Hong Kong and see what he plans to do as a new Ambassador for the area.

1. What made you choose UWIC?

Honestly, I loved Cardiff. I didn't initially know much about the uni other than its reputation for sport and good fun and, after my fresher's week living on Cyncoed, I knew I had made the right choice.
Upon visiting the university, the environment seemed very accessible, friendly and well equipped without being pretentious. There was a real work hard – play hard attitude that I think is so important in getting the most out of the university experience.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I have been settled in Hong Kong for around 18 months and I have noticed many of my colleagues and friends getting more and more involved in their respective alumni events. I want to make sure my university is also represented here and, as an added bonus, meet some new faces and make some new friends.

3. What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in your area?

Hong Kong is an exciting and fast paced place but there is one thing people will happily make time for: a drink after the office. In this light I would initially want to organise a drop in drinks evening to get a feel for who is in the area and how involved people want to get.

In the long term I would want to organise regular drinks/dinner catch ups and see how we can get more involved with helping current and future alumni with any transition to Hong Kong/Asia. I understand there is (or was) a relationship between UWIC and a Hong Kong university and it would be interesting to see how we could help build this relationship.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

As part of my profession I often organise events for client networking and business development. This will involve co-ordinating with various business functions across Hong Kong and ASPAC to create business opportunities. In addition to this I am occasionally required to speak at functions and press events for publications I have produced.

Every Friday evening I organise post work drinks between my firm, our clients and our firm's alumni. The invite has a distribution of around 4,000 individuals (although only 50-60 usually turn up) and is great for networking/blowing off steam and meeting new people.

In my social life I have some experience with helping people move over to Hong Kong from the UK as part of a local rugby team, giving advice on visas/life style and arranging job opportunities.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy sport of any description but most notably Football and Rugby. I have close connections to the premier rugby club in Hong Kong and play for a low league football team. There is some great hiking in Hong Kong and most weekends in the summer months can be accompanied with a junk boat trip.

I love to travel as much as possible and with South East Asia on my doorstep you can disappear away to some amazing places for a weekend at the drop of a hat.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you UWIC degree?

I currently work in the IT management consultancy department of a big four firm and have used the technical knowledge gained on my course (business information systems) on a regular basis to deliver projects for some of the largest companies in the world ranging from the world's biggest bank to bespoke start-ups and international IT/telecoms companies.
I have also utilised a number of the more practical business skills learned to advance my career in a corporate environment. In addition I have even been able to make the most of the experienced gained in funnelling beer and constructing imaginative fancy dress costumes on a number of social occasions.


Saqib Laharwal

My Name is Saqib Laharwal and I am from Srinagar in Kashmir, India. I joined Cardiff Met (UWIC) in September 2007 at the Colchester Avenue campus for the MBA (Full time) programme, majoring in Project Management, and completed my MBA in 2009 with a Merit. I completed my dissertation titled "Through the eyes of a foreigner" based on a customer satisfaction analysis of international students at Cardiff Met with Professor Julia Fallon being my guide. I am currently based in Kashmir working on starting a 'Packaged Drinking Water' plant of my own, and trying to put the skills that I gained at Cardiff Met into practice.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Met?

What made me choose Cardiff Met was the place; Cardiff city. It is multicultural, warm and welcoming. I did a bit of research initially while choosing universities as it was not only about the MBA - it was about where I would be spending the next few years of my life and the all-round development that I would be offered, so after doing my research I knew Cardiff Met was the place where I wanted to be.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I really wanted to volunteer for this role because I wanted to express how amazing Cardiff Met was during my whole course. I was an International Student helper during my studies and helped many international students with induction and getting acquainted with the city. I also wanted to express how grateful I was to Professor Julia Fallon, who was my guide and mentor. Her guidance was the most invaluable thing I have ever gained in my life. Also I Captained the MBA students cricket team twice - winning once and losing once, therefore I was always involved in skill development constantly throughout the course and I would be very glad to share all of these experiences with prospective students.

3. What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?

I would like to arrange meet ups and to share our experiences, help prospective candidates answer their queries and would like to organise all the Alumni in a way so that we could someday have a reunion and invite staff from Cardiff Met to Kashmir as well.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

I have done reunions of my undergraduate course BBA which was here in Kashmir, volunteered in earthquake relief work in Kashmir, captained the student cricket team at Cardiff Met twice, and interacted with people, developed leadership skills, and got to know about various cultures as an International Student Helper.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to travel and explore new places, love trekking and mountaineering. I was lucky enough to experience the scenic beauty of Wales with places like Rhossili Bay, Three Cliffs bay and Freshwater Bay. I love playing cricket, watching and playing football and I am a die hard Manchester United football fan - while I was in the UK I got a chance to see a couple of games at Old Trafford. I absolutely love driving and SUVS. My interests are in making things happen by having strong will power.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you Cardiff Met degree?

The skills I gained at Cardiff Met are invaluable - the presentations that help you build your confidence, leadership skills gained in various activities such as sports and managing international students, academically to have a great teacher like Professor Julia Fallon, whose lectures and tips were the most important factors in shaping my life, and getting me motivated to achieve something no matter how difficult it is. These are some of the skills that will always remain with me.

If you would like to get in touch with Saqib, please contact him by using the following email address: saqiblaharwal@hotmail.co.uk


Joseph Okechukwu (MBA Project Management, 2014) is the International Alumni Ambassador for Nigeria, he talks about his time at Cardiff Met and why he has taken up this important role.

I'm focused person, who drives strong passion in organizing professional events (workshops or seminars ) which could help add values in many ways to different professionals. However my academic background cuts across Engineering and Project Management.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Met?

I choose Cardiff Met because I wanted to become a graduate from the university. The university's ambition to be one of the top ten European universities in future also appealed to me. The university was also record from student survey for the past 3- 4 years as outstanding and the best international students destination for studies, due to its state of art facilities, the warm welcoming Welsh environment and the quality of lecturers.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I choose to volunteer because no one is doing it in my region at the moment, and we have a good number of Cardiff Met graduates in Nigeria, networking with them will be a huge source of potential that will bring values to us and our Alma Mater.

3. What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?

The plans I have got for Cardiff Met Alumni living in my area/ region is to be a medium of networking between the Alumni and our Alma mater, organising social events/seminaries/workshop which could help add value to their lives and strengthen our Alma Mater goals

4. Have you done anything like this before?

I have done something similar, but not as an ambassador. During my secondary school and undergraduate studies, I represented my school in some competitive events, (Debate, Camp Leader, Class Head Boy). However, I was a group leader in various projects during my undergraduate studies which was successful and gained media publication in Nigeria.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobbies are: traveling, playing chess and reading. My interests are in Politics and Technology.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you Cardiff Met degree?

I really appreciate the skills I got from Cardiff Met. It has added more value and reshaped my analytical reasoning, at the moment I have signed an international corporation agreement with a company abroad, although I'm working forth to be an entrepreneur.


Joey Phang graduated from Cardiff Met with an MBA in 2016, we find out about Joey's time at Cardiff Met and why she would like to be an International Alumni Ambassador.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Met?

I chose Cardiff Met because of its reputable business course. The university provided me with the opportunity to study in London and to attend the graduation ceremony in Cardiff. I've lived in several cities in the UK, and I am very intrigued with its culture.

2.What made you volunteer for the role?

I feel that it is part of my duty to contribute to the alumni community. Also, I noticed that on the Cardiff Met website there wasn't an International Alumni Ambassador in Malaysia. It is a great opportunity for me to gain exposure as well.

3.What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?

I shall take this opportunity to support my fellow alumni with networking campaigns, and possibly other campaigns that will enhance the quality of life.

4.Have you done anything like this before?

I have not, however, I am glad to have this opportunity.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

Sports, fitness, and health related subjects. Travelling and food (I've been around the UK and EU in the past few years. Also, countries such as Switzerland, Korea, Taiwan etc.).

6.Are you still using the skills gained during you Cardiff Met degree?

As I am currently a Management Associate, I do utilise the skills I learnt at Cardiff Met to perform at work. It has helped me to gain opportunities in many ways.


Dr Paul Sander is our International Alumni Ambassador for Mexico, Paul was a lecturer of Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) and also completed his Phd here. He now lives and works in Mexico, we caught up to see what he was up to.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC)?

I was working there as a principal lecturer in psychology and offered the opportunity to complete a PhD by publications, the first in the university, I believe.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I am now living and working in México and thought that the role would be beneficial for CMU, for México and something interesting and useful to do.

3. What plans do you have for Cardiff Met (UWIC) Alumni living in Mexico?

I doubt that there are many so it would be an opportunity to start something new.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

I have always worked hard and engaged with people through education.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

Running, cycling, motorcycling, mountaineering.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you UWIC degree?

It is my life!


Enkhmaa Bayar (MBA 2010, LSC) is our Alumni Ambassador for Mongolia, based in Ulaanbaatar. Enkhmaa would be delighted to organise annual alumni meetings for alumni living and/or working in Mongolia. She is also willing to help alumni look for work, meet new people, or deal with visa issues. If you are working in or around Ulaanbaatar, or come from the area originally, we'd be delighted to put you in touch with Enkhmaa, or you can find the Facebook group "UWIC Alumni (Mongolia)". 


Rakshya Joshi

Rakshya Joshi from Kathmandu, Nepal, graduated from her Cardiff Met MBA in International Business in 2012 from London School of Commerce. Here she shares her ideas for connecting alumni who are from, or who are now living in, Nepal.

What made you choose Cardiff Met?

The MBA at Cardiff Met provided the complete blend of information that matched my ambition. I was attracted by its additional career development services to plan and manage my career, develop personal qualities and skills, and provide networking opportunities with alumni and local business executives. The structured classroom experience combined with interaction and exposure to faculty, companies and fellow students at a global scale was tremendously beneficial to me.

Above all, the Cardiff Met MBA helped me boost my entrepreneurial skills through a multi-cultural, cross economic, scientific and rational perspective. As an MBA is a basic preparation for life in the corporate world, I was able to nurture my professional growth with leadership skills through this programme. With the combination of core courses, electives, and leadership development opportunities, MBA programme helped me to develop and deepen the competencies needed in my career

What made you volunteer for the role?

When I graduated in 2012, I had a lot of Nepalese friends who also graduated during that year, and there might be many more after that. But when I returned back in Nepal after almost 6 years of graduating, as alumni myself I saw the need of UWIC alumni association for my country. I would be more than happy to take an initiative where I can be the voice of UWIC alumni as well as for prospective students.

What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?

My plan includes conducting seminars, meetings, workshops, social events by bringing all of the alumni together and sharing our professionalism, and social core values. For prospective students, I can share my experience while in UWIC and guide them of what it's like studying and living in UK.

Have you done anything like this before?

As this is the first time I am doing something like this, I feel it is such an honour to be a part of UWIC alumni. This itself brings a challenge where I can be the voice for many.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I do love to cook, read books and I often go to gym. I believe in staying active so I try my best to make my time more productive whenever I can.

Are you still using the skills gained during you Cardiff Met degree?

After graduating from Cardiff Met, I started gaining a mid-managerial position with one of the leading Brands of SSP food travel expert, in London for almost 5 years. After two years of graduating from UWIC, I had joined ACCA from BPP University to gain more professional skills. As part of the course requirement, I was working professionally as a part-time accountant in a London based accountancy firm for almost 3 years. Currently I am a faculty member of reputed college NOVA International College Nepal, affiliated to Delta University, USA.

Saudi Arabia

Alumnus Michael McDowell, originally from Northern Ireland came to Cardiff Metropolitan University to study for his MSc in Dental Technology, graduating in 2014. He now lives in Saudi Arabia and would like to connect with fellow alumni in the area as well as helping alumni who want to move out to the country, here is what Michael said.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Met?
The main reason for choosing Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) was that a fellow work colleague was studying for their Master's Degree in Dental Technology and had expressed the highest regards for the way in which the course was run and being delivered. Another reason was that CMU was one of the few Universities able to offer a Master's Degree level qualification in Dental Technology within the U.K., which suited my situation and method of delivery as I did not live in Great Britain but in Northern Ireland.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?
I decided to volunteer for the role of a CMU Alumni Ambassador after returning back to Saudi Arabia for the third time with my wife (who is also a health care worker, Physiotherapist) after a break of fourteen years and finding it was difficult to network with other likeminded people. Thinking back to my graduation ceremony at CMU, and the CMU Alumni network that had been mentioned. I asked the question if a CMU Alumni Ambassador was within Saudi Arabia and if I could contact them? I have found since contacting CMU that there is not a CMU alumni Ambassador in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, I feel I could help future Alumni ease into the cultural difference between Saudi Arabia and U.K. / western style life, with simple advice from me or my wife's personal experiences of living for over eight years within Saudi Arabia.

3. What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?
From my experience the first thing a new person coming to Saudi Arabia needs is a simple contact for advice on the local culture and some embassy contacts (Welsh, Scottish and English groups).

4. Have you done anything like this before?
I have never been involved with this type of activity before but would like to try and help any other CMU alumni with my experience of the local culture and with any other advice information with contact details.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?
My Wife and I are presently interested in SCUBA diving which we have extensive experience in. We are also involved and are members with running and triathlon clubs within the Riyadh region and would love to invite and share our experiences and other social activities with new international Alumni.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you Cardiff Met degree?
Presently I am working at King Saud University as a Digital Dental Supervisor (CAD/CAM) within the dental teaching colleges. The advanced Master level skills and knowledge that I gained through my CMU Masters-degree in dental technology have been in-separable my daily activities within the Dental colleges and the running of the CAD/CAM unit. The position its self would not have been available to me without my CMU Masters qualification.


Ihlas Sovbetov (Master of Business Administration – Finance, 2013) is currently working at London School of Commerce and studying for a PhD at Istanbul University.

He talks about his time at Cardiff Met and why he has taken up the role of International Alumni Ambassador for Turkey and Turkmenistan.

1. What made you choose Cardiff Met?

In my final year of bachelor education at Marmara University, I was actively seeking an opportunity to study a postgraduate master programme in Business, Finance or Economics in the United Kingdom. In one of the international education fairs in Turkey, I found out about Cardiff Metropolitan University's MBA programme in London campus. I did my research about the university's reputation (ranking in UK as well as in the world), London campus facilities, academic staff, and library. These factors were the main motives behind my decision of choosing Cardiff Met as an outlet for my postgraduate programme in UK.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I love Cardiff Met and I feel myself as a part of this university. Therefore, I volunteered to take a role as Alumni Ambassador in Turkey and in Turkmenistan. It is also a chance for me to somehow help and contribute to my university, and for other alumni this will be a great opportunity to stay connected with Cardiff Met.

3. What plans do you have for Cardiff Met Alumni living in your area?

I am planning to set up an alumni group on social media in order to keep all fellow alumni (in my country) up-to-date with our regular social and professional events that I plan to organise once a month maybe.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

Never before, but I will be glad to have this opportunity.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

Economics, Banking and Financial Markets, Forex, Chess, Business Marketing, Sports especially football/soccer.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you Cardiff Met degree?

Absolutely. Currently, I am a PhD student in Economics at Istanbul University and I expect to graduate soon. I also worked as Academician in the university before, and now I am working at London School of Commerce. I like to do academic research in the fields of economics, finance, and business studies. The skills and knowledge that I have learnt in Cardiff Met definitely helped me and continue to help in my academic career.


Ronald Kwikiriza is Cardiff Met's (UWIC) International Alumni Ambassador for Uganda, he graduated in 2008 and now works for the US Department of State in Kampala. He would love for fellow Cardiff Met Alumni to get in touch, we caught up with him to see what else he's been up too.

1. What made you choose UWIC?

I wanted global exposure and the global network of friends that come along with it! I have friends in the UK, China, South America, and all over Africa! UWIC offered exactly that and the tuition fees were really affordable.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

Strongly I would like to keep the UWIC candle alive, I always wanted to dedicate part of my life to UWIC's cause and keep everyone together. I have always volunteered in my life.

3. What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in Uganda?

Active networking, set up a business club, and social networking generally.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

Never before but absolutely looking forward to the opportunity and challenge!

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

Sports, reading- and travelling!!

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you UWIC degree?

Absolutely! The case studies have made me a more confident student and team player. I am more knowledgeable about business and management and this has helped me deliver savings for my current employer!

United Arab Emirates

Muhammad Nabeel (MBA, LSC 2006) would like to connect with any alumni currently living or working in the UAE. Contact alumni@cardiffmet.ac.uk


Mark Fowler (HMS, 1984 and PGCE, 1985) is our Alumni Ambassador in the US. Based in Virginia, he would be delighted to connect with other alumni on the East Coast. Mark would love to hear from you via the Alumni Office: alumni@cardiffmet.ac.uk.

What about you?

Contact alumni@cardiffmet.ac.uk if you are interested in becoming an International Alumni Ambassador.