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Regina Lasker Award



​Gina Lasker in 2007

​​Regina Lasker sadly passed away in July 2013 year after bravely dealing with a complex health condition. Her closest friend Mick decided to support an annual Ceramics p​rize for a graduating student in her memory. Gina was a bright and adventurous women who believed in living life to the full. She was a Chartered Psychologist by profession, specialising in health and environmental psychology and also a qualified Feng Shui consultant.  Her interest in design stemmed from her father’s work as an engineering draughtsman. Gina collected a lot of art, with a love of vibrant colours. She had a particular interest in watercolours and Indian / Middle Eastern art. Alongside Interior Design, her main passion was glassware and ceramics. She would be delighted to be supporting the next generation of talented artists with this award in her memory. ​

"I would like to express my delight and honour in receiving this award. This is great encouragement to me that my work has been approved and given m​e motivation to continue with my vision. I will use the prize for furthering my research, skills and experimentation in ceramic art and to continue my practice. Through this experience I found that art has no boundaries and it can communicate with people who are from different cultures. I hope to use my work as a bridge between the East and the West to give more impact to ceramic art."

​2016 Award Winner Flo Fung​, BA (Hons) Ceramics ​

​''Receiving this award for my ceramic art at our graduating show was a tremendous honour as it recognised all my hard work. I am so grateful to have been given it as it helped me to part fund my artist residency where I am continuing to research and develop my practice. To be chosen out of so many talented ceramic artists has given me the confidence to strive to fulfil my ambitions and make Regina and Mick proud of my accomplishments.''

​2015 Award Winner Chrisoula Konstantakou​, BA (Hons) Ceramics 

"This generous award has provided me with much needed financial support, helping me to pay my travel costs to study in America this summer at Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina. It was an honor to be chosen, and it will allow me to focus more on my ceramic practice after graduating. With this award, I can immerse myself in the course at Penland without worrying about money, and really enjoy the experience of studying abroad." 

2014 Award Winner Sophie Southgate, BA (Hons) Ceramics​​​​