Artist Designer: Maker student awarded Cutting Edge prize by British Art Medal Society


"Rings of Nature and Machine"

Congratulations to Level 5 CSAD Artist Designer: Maker student Evan Moore, who has won the 'Cutting Edge' prize for his submission to the British Art Medal Society Student Medal Project.

Evan's work, entitled "Rings of Nature and Machine" was just one of 11 CSAD submissions that were selected.

Judge Marcy Levitt Bourne said: ‘I am pleased to say that the judges have awarded a prize to Evan Moore for his medal. It wins the ‘Cutting Edge’ prize for a work that takes the medal slightly outside its usual zone, and it is given by the Worshipful Company of Cutlers. His statement about the work impressed the judges and the work as a whole is very interesting, in its combination of materials’.

Writing about his work Evan said: "I wanted my medal to kinetically explore the battle between nature, the environment and manmade machines of this day and age. One side of the medal represents nature depicting the rings of a tree, whilst the other side has been machine finished. The kinetic nature of the medal allows one to rotate the centre combining the two juxtaposing sides. This combining of two sides mixes the machined with the natural, showing the contrast between the two."