Ben Ewart-Dean


How Creative Video-making Activities Can Improve The Social Communication Skills Of Children On The Autism Spectrum.

Supervisors:Wendy Keay-Bright, Cathy Treadaway, Gary Beauchamp
Research group/theme:CARIAD

With the use of technological devices becoming more and more widespread, children now have a variety of ways of expressing themselves through moving images. This can be particularly beneficial for those who find it difficult to communicate verbally.

My MPhil/PhD research is an investigation into the uses of digital video-making for children with autism, a life-long developmental condition that affects language and social communication. In particular, the research will explore the ways in which the creative video-making process can help to improve the social communication of children on the autism spectrum.

One of the objectives for my research will be to develop a participatory methodology for making videos with children on the autism spectrum, which will be used to run a series of interactive video-making workshops. These workshops will be evaluated to determine the effect that taking part in creative video-making activities can have on the social skills of the participants. The research is being conducted using SCERTS (, an accredited model to facilitate communication in autistic children. My research is being conducted part-time, alongside my practice as a film-maker, and a provider of film-making activities for children with learning difficulties.