Sarah Younan

​​​(Im)material Artefacts; Three-dimensional digital museum objects

(Im)material Artefacts; Three-dimensional digital museum objects

Supervisors: Cathy Treadaway, Andrew Renton, Steve Gill

Research group/theme: CARIAD

Digital technologies provide new ways to engage with artefacts, they also have the potential to affec​t a shift in our understanding of original objects. I am exploring the translation from physical artefact to digital code through 3D scanning. Digitisation records object-data and stores it as code. The ‘digital object’ is muteable, can be easily distributed and has the capacity to enter into situations beyond the reach of the original itself. Recent developments in 3D print/rapid prototyping (RP) are rapidly bridging the gap between digital and physical objects.

For this research artefacts from th​e ceramics collections at the National Museum Cardiff were scanned in 3D, and a number of British and International artist were invited to create new artworks based on these digital 3D scans. This project, (Im)material Artefacts, brings together an eclectic range of artworks created from the 3D scans. A showcase will run at the National Museum Cardiff from the 29th of April until the end of June.

This project is sponsored by the Welsh Council of the Arts, Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University, The Welsh Institute for Research in Art and Design, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and Ultimaker. Made possible by the National Museum Wales.