Steve Coleman

Ludic Activities: Creative Strategies To Support Subjective Wellbeing Of Older People With Dementia In Residential Care
Dr Cathy Treadaway, Dr Gareth Loudon, Dr Darren Walker (external)
Research Group / Theme: CARIAD

The research project aims to examine creative strategies for enhancing positive wellbeing through innovative playful activities for people living with dementia in long-term residential care.

Objectives will be met by undertaking case study interviews and observations with professional carers, activity facilitators, and occupational therapists in order to gain insights into the psychological needs of persons with dementia and ways in which these needs are met. A framework for designing strategies will be developed through analysis of these insights and contextualized with theories drawn from fields including: Person Centered Care, Creativity Studies, Design Interaction, and Aesthetics.

Using Participatory Research Methods with residential care staff, it is intended that activities will be designed to be appropriate, goal free, focused on living in the moment, and tailored to meet the needs of residents and care staff within long-term dementia units.