Alison Davies FHEA PGCE

Screen-shot-2011-12-12-at-16.35.59-150x100.pngPostgraduate Diploma: Future of Textiles, Central St Martins FHEA PGCE

Specialist Subject Areas

Future Materials Sustainability


Postgraduate Diploma: Future of Textiles, Central St Martins CPRS, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2012 FHEA PGCE


I am a freelance designer and I have regularly shown my work at Heimtext and Premier Vision. I am a member of Welsh Institute Research And Design and DIGIT. The overall aim of DIGIT is to research the ways of traditional methods of making in textiles, which may interface with digital textile practices, and to analyse the impact this has upon creativity and innovation. I have gained a great deal of relevant research through interaction with CSAD Textile Research group.

Current research

My research over the last few years have led me into the rapidly changing development of smart materials which I believe to be crucial to the future of the industry and I feel should be an Important element embedded throughout the 3 years of the Textiles course. I was lucky enough to gain work experience in Japan for 4 months and worked along side some of Japanese top textile designers in today’s current design discipline such as: Reiko Sudo director of Nuno designs, Yoshika Hishinuma. Also experienced the Japanese textile industry, from the hand crafted to the high technology. Research to date is: To investigate how Future Materials and New Technologies could benefit Inclusive Design. I am on the verge of signing up to undergo my Mphil/Phd under the supervision of Jane McCann who is one of the outstanding researchers in this field.

Principal Publications, Exhibitions and Awards

Design Critique for Laurence king publishing 2009/present Consultant Smart Technology 2006 – 08 Freelance Designer 1999 – Present Design Consultant 1999 – Present Exhibition at ‘Urban Outfitters High Street Kensington 2004 Joint Textile Exhibition at the Millennium Centre 2006 Exhibited and sold textile art pieces in several Edinburgh Galleries on numerous occasions.

Fellowship in Education 2010

Enterprise Projects and/or Industrial Links
IKEA Cardiff Melin tregywnt Reiko Sudo – Nuno designs Mix Trends Global Color Research Trend Stoppers Cylch recycling Wales Llantarnum Grange