Dennis Flynn


t: 02920 416638

Specialist Subject Areas

Dennis has worked in Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) for 10 years. Prior to that he has worked in Industry for 25 yrs. During this period he has worked as an electrical/electronic technician. Dennis has gained skills in pneumatics, electronics, electrical, as well as good skills in mechanics, wood working, turning, welding, milling and spray painting. He has also also gained skills in computing, building all of my own computers and many for Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC).


5 O levels
Intermediate part B electrical
City & guilds part C
Technicians grade 5
Full technological certificate


Dennis is a Technical Demonstrator who has worked in various departments which includes the sculpture department and product design. His specialist knowledge is in the field of electrical and electronic technologies.

Born in Cardiff, he emigrated to South Africa when he married and spent 4 years in the paper making industry. Returning he worked at Cardiff airport and subsequently at Masushita Electronics. He has gained vast experience in high end technologies.