Olivia Kotsifa

o-kotsifa-150px.jpge: olivia.kotsifa@gmail.com

Olivia is currently on a career break working on art/design projects while travelling, returning to CSAD in September 2017

Specialist Subject Areas

Architecture, Design, Fab Lab, Digital Fabrication, Responsive environments, Interdisciplinary projects.


2014: Fab Academy Diploma
2014: HEA Fellowship
2005-2006: MSc Energy Efficient Buildings
2002-2005: Diploma in Architecture, RIBA Part 2
1998-2001: BA Architecture, Oxford Brookes University


Olivia is a Senior Lecturer at CSAD, having joined the School in December 2009. Originally from Greece, she studied Architecture at Oxford Brookes University (Part2)  where she was supervised by David Greene [Archigram] for her final project. She then pursued a Master’s degree in Energy Efficient Buildings under the supervision of Prof Susan Roaf and Prof Michael Humphries .

 On completion of her studies, Olivia returned to Greece, practicing as a freelance Architect after having worked in Tombazis Meltitiki architects office in Athens [http://www.tombazis.com

 She later relocated to Barcelona and worked at Miralles Tagliabue Architects [http://www.mirallestagliabue.com] and Rodrigo Prats architects. The two years Olivia spent working on architectural projects changed her design thinking, and provided the creative impetus behind her study of digital fabrication and interaction in architecture.  

 Since she joined CSAD, she has taught in Architectural Design and Technology, Interior Architecture where she was the programme leader for 2 years, Product Design, Artist Designer: Maker, MDes, the theory module that is taught across the School and also in the interdisciplinary projects [Field Module] across the Art and Design School.

 Olivia was appointed to be the Field Module Manager for two years, a new multidisciplinary module that involves all 7 courses in the School of Art and Design.

 Olivia’s recent research is collaboration between five institutes in Europe as part of a European project [EASTN] aiming at making creativity and digital artworks more accessible to the society, by promoting the development, at the European scale, of a deep and collective awareness of the current artistic trends and technologies. Works of 20 european artists including her work has been curated by Olivia and showcased in M.A.D.E. gallery and cf24 Project, Cardiff.

 Moreover, Olivia is the driving force behind the School’s new Fab Lab facility. She started setting up Fab Lab Cardiff in 2011, graduated from the Fab Academy course [http://www.fabacademy.org] in July 2014 and has seen all phases until its official launch in Sept 2014. Since then Olivia tries to spend as much time as possible in the Lab, working on relevant teaching, research and enterprise activities www.fablabcardiff.com. She welcomes collaboration with artists and designers in Cardiff and in other parts of the world!

 She likes meeting new people, music and traditional musical instruments, learning new languages, new traditions and customs, travelling, volleyball, windsurfing and ski.

Current Research and Enterprise Activities

Student Experience Fund 2016 - in collaboration with the Outdoor Learning centre in the school of education in CMU

PhD candidate: How can Fab Labs contribute to the co-design and co-production of public space structures?

ArtWorks Cymru Seed Fund 2 (Wendy Keay Bright leading the project)

Principal Publications ,Exhibitions, Enterprise outcomes and Awards

Get Started Fund 2015 (collaboration with MuniArts Centre and Wendy Keay-Bright)

European Art Science Technology Network [EASTN]: part of the UK partner team, 2014-15 (Creative Europe)

Exhibition curation for the European Art Schience and Technology showcase of work (from 20 European Artists)  M.A.D.E. gallery , CF24 Project 2015

Secret Garden Interactive Installation and workshop:Miso Music Festival 2015, Belem,  Lisbon 2015

Santander fund 2014  (Boston MA International Fab Lab conference)

Short Term Mobility Fund 2014: Successful application for funding for staff and student educational trip in India

40th ICMC and 11th SMC Conference 2014 : Digitally Fabricated Musical Instruments [workshop]

EASTN Artist in Residence in Ionian University 2014: Interactive, digitally fabricated maypole design, fabrication and performance.

EASTN kids workshop 2014: digitally fabricated blocks and stamps for block printing.

Fab Lab Specialist in the A4B Academics for Business project [Micro Enterprise and Emergent Technologies Lab “Meet Lab” http://meetlab.co.uk ] : part of the academic team in the A4B Scheme

Object Sandbox: 3d printed Augmented Ney: a collaboration between Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos [CSAD], Antony Mace [freelance product designer, John O’Connell [Cardiff University] . Involved in 3d printing and interaction design. The Ney was exhibited in the London Design Festival 2014

Santander fund 2013 (collaboration with Porto School of Architecture and fab Lab Porto)

Organised Sound Journal: Special Issue Article: My content/My Space/ My Music, 2012

ATINER 2nd Annual International Conference of Visual and Performing Arts – paper: Music and Architectural Design for a snowpark event, 2011

SMC Sound and Music Computing Conference – paper: From Snow [to space to movement] to Sound, 2011

Strategic Insight Programme fund – Fab Lab Barcelona, 2011

Spanish Pavilion for the international World expo in Shanghai [competition 1st award], 2010. The architects’ team’s efforts and drawings have been published in various occasions.