Graduate Incubation: Inc. Space


​​​​​​CSAD's Inc. Space provides an opportunity for our graduates to spend an additional year with the School to launch their own business or a sustainable career as a practicing artist or designer.​​​​

​​​​During the 12 months they receive mentoring from an academic team member to help them develop their practice, a mentor to help them develop their business skills and their own studio within the Inc. Space at CSAD. They have access to all of the School's workshops and facilities and support from our technical team to continue to develop their practical skills. The School also works closely with the University's Centre for Student Entrepreneurship and a wide range of professionals who provide workshops, talks and advice to ensure they're in the strongest position to succeed in their chosen careers in the long term.

Clojo Bedingham - Clojo Ruth Designs

Sophie AdamsClojo creates a range of art pieces and home accessories focusing on her passion for the nature and wildlife that surrounds her. With a love for anything handmade Clojo employs a wide range of textile techniques, with a particular focus on stitch are prides herself in ensuring each stage of her designs are beautifully hand crafted.

Facebook: @ClojoRuthDesigns
Instagram: @clojoruth
Twitter: @clojodesigns

Sophie Adams Artwork Sophie Adams ArtworkSophie Adams Artwork

Charlotte Burke - Charlotte Burke Ceramics and Ceramicist

Pip Barrett

Our expectation is not always one that is correct and when questioned it provokes new ways of thinking and consideration of the world around us. Each play a role in how we experience the everyday object through a familiarity not registering the implicit constructs of form, colour, texture and ornamentation that act as conduits to engage us with of the object. However if these layers of content ,context and meaning are interrogated through a deconstruction in their reordering and in the process of reconstruction a new potential of the object can be revealed. Charlotte aims for INC Space is to find a balance within her work both conceptually and commercially. Charlotte's way of thinking about objects enables her outcomes to be bespoke and unique whether sitting within a gallery space or in the home. Her latest work is developed from her MA, by deconstructing and reconstructing vases. Charlotte's ability to understand objects two dimensionally aids her thinking into exploring objects' three dimensional qualities. Through mould making and slip-casting Charlotte's work seeks to bring an ordinary everyday object back into the world in a new and inventive way.

Instagram - @cburkeceramics
Facebook - @CharlotteBurkeCeramics
Twitter - @clburkeceramics
Tumblr - @charlotteburkeceramics

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 15.20.55.png Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 15.21.07.png   Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 15.21.15.png

Ian Cooke Tapia - Illustration, storytelling, and community network building

Rhiannon Crowley

A multidisciplinary practice based on the creation of stories, visual and written, that stem from an inherent multiculturalism and personal political stands, as well as a simple desire to tell good stories. My work focuses on bringing to a wider cultural audience what is usually not spoken of, what we ignore, and sometimes just a smile.

Collaboration and community is at the heart of my practice, and a main focus of my work and energy is in the creation of networks, local and international, through which the above can take place. I aim to eventually run a form of collective that focuses on the use of collaboration as a means to make creativity a suitable product not only for those interested in culture, but those outside of the artistic spheres.

Web: cookecanvas
Twitter: @IanCookeTapia
Instagram: iancooketapia

Rhiannon Lewando: Ceramic Textile Artist Rhiannon Lewando: Ceramic Textile Artist Rhiannon Lewando: Ceramic Textile Artist

Jennifer Finnigan - Wood and Wire

Alice Elliot

Enjoying both the precision of woodwork and the intricacy of wirework, Jennifer Finnigan combines the two in her current work by inlaying wire by hand into various hardwoods. Her furniture incorporates mid-century modern design principles including minimalist form and an honest expression of materials.

The inlay pattern of each piece develops uniquely, following the natural figuring of the wood grain. Each piece of wood is thoughtfully chosen and cut down to create the most dramatic inlay pattern as possible. To inlay, Jennifer hand carves along wood and then deepens with a diamond tipped rotary tool. Wire is then carefully hammered in and sanded down. The direct contrast of metal to wood created highlights the beauty of each material, the making process and the function of the pieces themselves.

She is currently expanding her domestic and commercial ranges by combining her traditional wood working skills with new CNC technologies to include lighting and homeware.

Facebook: @jenniferfinnigandesign
Twitter @jennifinn1

Alice Elliot artwork - Decorative lighting design Alice Elliot artwork - Decorative lighting design Alice Elliot artwork - Decorative lighting design

Sophie Jemma - SLCJ Create

SLCJ Create is a small business focusing on the use of new technologies to give a old technique or style and new lease of life. Using the laser cutter to create intricate pieces of Marquetry is my main interest.

While doing my degree I did Erasmus and went to Cork, Ireland. I spent 4 moths there focusing on the architecture around me. This is still influencing my designs and way I work. I take elements of the architecture and decrease the size for it to fit in someone's house.

As a business we try to use as much recycled materials as possible. We use off cuts from bowel blanks that are originally being sold as firewood to hand carve and create small pieces. We also use D-grade veneer that has been damaged though water stains and use it to create Marquetry pieces.

Facebook: @slcjcreate
Instagram: @slcjcreate

Martin Lane - Think Design Make / Designer maker

Think Design Make work from idea conception to brainstorming and problem solving, in order to find the right process to fulfill your needs. We have an innovative and fresh approach to design, working one to one for the best outcome.

We use many processes, undertaking traditional and modern techniques, from hand carving to 3D printing, CNC and much more.

Think Design Make has fifteen years of experience working with timber and sheet materials, so if you are in need of the correct product at a competitive price we can advise and supply what’s right for you and your project.

Instagram: @think_design_make
Facebook: @ThinkDesignMake

Molly May Lewis - Printmaker

Chrisoula Konstantakou ceramicist

As a printmaker, my work explores the interaction of materials and how different techniques can be combined together to create effective results.

Primarily through the mediums of woodcut, screen print and collagraph, I create geometric, colour orientated and abstract compositions that evoke a strong sense of time, place and memory. Collaging together my chosen techniques, creating a very bold, textual and symbolic print, has been the outcome of my more recent works.

I am heavily inspired by artists within the movements of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, focusing on the visual aspects of mark, colour and formulaic compositions, in particular Brice Marden whose artwork fuses together the characteristics of both movements.

Over the coming year in Inc Space, I will be refining my specialised techniques to create unique pieces of work. I am excited to pursue my passion for printmaking whilst working alongside other creative and motivated entrepreneurs!

Twitter: @mollylewis327
Instagram: @mollymaylewis
Linked In: Molly May Lewis
Snapchat: mollymaylewis
Blog: mollymaylewis

CKeramics – ceramics CKeramics – ceramics CKeramics – ceramics

Harriet McCormick - Harriet McCormick Ceramics and Fallow Deer Ceramics

Chrisoula Konstantakou ceramicist

Harriet McCormick is an artist who explores a range of different themes within her work, from narrative to abstraction, from colour to space, from light to form. She questions the world around us and through the medium of clay she explains and displays her research into those themes.

Her current work is exploring the relationship between human and animal, the ways in which we understand life and death, the forms and shapes found within nature and our perception of the world.

She uses an understanding of this strategy of construction and deconstruction of forms and shape, as individually or a collective of objects, is revealed. The way in which these objects are staged within the space questions how objects are responded to depending on how they are situated within a space. Through the use of colour, form and light further influence about how they are perceived and impact upon those visual connections that are a conduit to the natural world or another world.

Fallow Deer Ceramics is an ongoing work to find natural beauty through the ceramic process. The work created is mostly decorative but artistically true.

Facebook: HarrietMcCormickCeramics
Facebook: @FallowDeerCeramics
Instagram: @hmccormickart
Instagram: @fallowdeerceramics
Twitter: @H_Ceramics and @Fallow_Deer_Art

Bryony Moorhouse - Furniture designer and maker

Furniture and house hold objects inspired by shape and scale in the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence.

Instagram: @bryonymoorhouse
Facebook: @bryonymoorhousefurniture

Rhian Kate Morris - Rhian Kate- Contemporary Jeweller

Laura Welsman

By making contemporary jewellery that’s not traditional makes my work a bit more unique, and because it’s hand made so no two pieces are the same. I have chosen to make jewellery as I love the relationship people have to it, an item that you had thought of and designed/made then becomes part of someone else. I feel once a customer buys your product they’re also buying into you but you are also becoming a part of their story.

Facebook: @RhianKateJewellery
Instagram: @rhiankatemakes

Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist

Sam Serrano - Sam Serrano Design

Sam Serrano designs, manufactures and constructs bespoke exhibition stands for other small businesses. The adaptable design of our stands offers an alternative solution to the standard corporate-style products currently on offer. With the use of unconventional materials and clever fixings for quick assembly and disassembly this makes our exhibition stands smart and unique.

 Web: Samserranodesign
Twitter: @samserranodes
Instagram: @samserranodesigns

Jade Sims - Olla Homeware

Alexana Blott Sculpture

Olla! Homeware is all about the enjoyment of owning objects and how important it is to be able own nice things. I like to think the enjoyment I feel when creating my pieces are radiated through the body of the piece and into the new owner. It's this, accompanied by brightly coloured glazes and pleasing decal illustrations that I think make my practise fun, and my pieces unique. This year, Inc Space will help me expand on my product range as well as improve on already known skills, and also learn new ones!

Twitter: @jade_olla
Facebook: @ollahomeware
Instagram: @sim_makes

Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist

Nick Jones, Josh Maskell & Tom Smee - The Wonky Chair Design Studio

Alexana Blott Sculpture

Based in Cardiff, the Wonky Chair Design Studio brings together three designers with a whole range of different skills, abilities and expertise but one common belief: sustainability. We undertake contracts and commissions from one-off, specialist pieces of design to large scale contract design/manufacture for commercial, private and public spaces. We believe strongly in sustainability at The Wonky Chair, and always try to reclaim and repurpose materials that no longer have a purpose.

Facebook: @TheWonkyChair
Instagram: @thewonkychair
Twitter: @TheWonkyChairCo

Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist Laura Welsman - Fine Art and Conceptual Artist