Professor Scott Fleming


University Director of Research and Gra​duate​ Studies

Telephone number: 029 2041 7025
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Scott Fleming is Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies. Formerly the Director of Research in the Cardiff School of Sport (2009-2013), but now based in Research and Enterprise Services, his role involves engagement, development, enhancement and evaluation of:

  1. pan-University research governa​nce arrangements;
  2. governance of postgraduate research degrees to ensure compliance with sector-led quality management;
  3. liaison with external stakeholders in the pursuit of consistent research excellence; and
  4. operational management of Research Degrees Committee.

He is also Chair of the University Ethics Committee. 

Research / Publications

Scott has a long-standing interest in ‘race relations’ and youth studies. However in addition to studies in the sociology of sport and education, his research has embraced history, philosophy, psychology management studies. The main focus of recent studies and projects has been concerned with organisational cultures aspects of sport development linked to public health. Throughout, he has maintained in research methods and research ethics.

Recent publications:
(a)            Co-edited book

Neil, R., Wilson, K., Hanton, S. & Fleming, S. (2013) The Research Process in Sport, Exercise and Health: Case Studies of Active Researchers. Routledge, London.

(b)            Journal articles

  • Bryant, A., Bolton, N. & Fleming, S. (in press) ‘This is awesome Miss. It is safe. We don’t do this with any other teacher.’ Classroom activities to listen to pupils’ voices. Educationalfutures.
  • Graham, L., Fleming, S. (2014) Developing a Coaching Philosophy: Exploring the Experiences of Novice Sport Coaching Students.  Journal of Athlete Centered Coaching 1 (2):27-49.
  • Forbes, A., Edwards, L. & Fleming, S. (2014, ifirst) ‘Women can’t referee’: Exploring the experiences of female football officials within UK football culture. Soccer and Society.
  • Barnett, J., Cropley, B., Hanton, S. & Fleming, S. (2013) Taking the plunge: Reflections on the decision to register for and supervise a doctorate. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 13: 123-131.
  • Graham, L., McKenna, M. & Fleming, S. (2013) “What d’you know, you’re a girl!” Gendered experiences of sport coach education. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 13: 70-77.
  • Hodgkin, K., Fleming, S., Beauchamp, G. & Bryant, A. (2013) Perception to Reality: Pupils’ Expectations and Experiences of the primary-secondary school transition. Educationalfutures 6 (1): 28-40.
  • Anderson, M., Bolton, N., Davies, G. & Fleming, S. (2013 i-first) Local implementation of national policy – A case-study critique of the Free Swimming Initiative for the 60+ population. Managing Leisure 19 (2): 151-165.
  • Peel, J., Cropley, B., Hanton, S. & Fleming, S. (2013) Learning through reflection: Values, conflicts, and role interactions of a youth sport coach. Reflective Practice 14 (6):729-742.                                                                                         
  • Hughes, H. & Fleming, S. (2013, i-first) Play to Learn: A case-study of parent/carer and child engagement with a physical activity website resource. Education 3-13.                                                                                                                 
  • Fleming, S. (2013) Social research in sport (and beyond) – Notes on exceptions to informed consent. Research Ethics 9 (1): 32-43.                                                                                                                                                       
  • Fleming, J. & Fleming, S. (2012) Relative age effect amongst footballers in the English Premier League and English Football League, 2010-2011. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport 12: 361-372.
  • Cunningham, I., Mellick, M., Mascarenhas, D. & Fleming, S. (2012) Decision making and decision communications in elite rugby union referees: An inductive investigation. Sport and Exercise Psychology Review 8 (2): 19-30.
  • Hill, D.M., Hanton, S., Matthews, N. & Fleming, S. (2011) Alleviation of choking under pressure in elite golf: An action research study. The Sport Psychologist 25 (4): 465-488.
  • >Hill, D.M., Hanton, S., Matthews, N. & Fleming, S. (2010) A qualitative exploration of choking in elite golf. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology 4 (3): 221-240
  • Mellick, M. & Fleming, S. (2010) Personal narrative and the ethics of disclosure: A case study from elite sport. Qualitative Research 10 (3): 299-314.                
  • Hill, D.M., Hanton, S., Matthews, N. & Fleming, S. (2010) Choking under pressure: A review. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology 3: 24-39.
  • Jones, C. & Fleming, S. (2010) The ‘Enforcer’ in Elite Level Sport: A Conceptual Critique. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 4 (3): 296-307.

(c)            Book chapters

  • Fleming, S. (2013) 'Home and Away' Revisited – Warts and All, in A. Smith, K. Green & I. Waddington (eds.) Doing exemplary research in the sociology of sport. Routledge, London pp. 216-248. 
  • Matthews, N., Fleming, S. & Jones, R.L. (2013) Sociology for coaches, in Jones, R.L. & Kingston, K. (eds.) An introduction to sports coaching. 2nd edition. Routledge, London, pp. 69-81.
  • Fleming, S. (2012) Researching sport and leisure – Exceptions to informed consent revisited, in Spracklen, K. & Adams, A. (eds.) Sport and leisure ethics, rights and social relationships. Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, pp. 1-13. 
  • McInch, A., Leyshon, A. & Fleming, S. (2012) Whatever happened to everyone training hard, playing hard and whoever was the best won fair and square? (Sociological voices on the use of banned substances), in F. Grace &  J.S. Baker & (ed.) Perspectives on Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and Doping in Sport and Health. Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY., pp. 117-132.
  • Smith, P. & Fleming, S. (2011) Paralympic Legacy in Physical Activity and Health: A UK Perspective, in Legg, D. & Gilbert, K. (eds.) The Paralympic Legacies. Common Ground Publishers: Champaign, Illinois, pp. 199-211.
  • Jones, C.R. & Fleming, S. (2010 [2007]) “I’d rather wear a turban than a rose”: A case study of the ethics of chanting, in McNamee, M. (ed.) The ethics of sport: A reader. Routledge: London, pp. 276-285.
  • Stewart, C., Lord, R., Wiltshire, G. & Fleming, S. (2010) Ease of movement and freedom of corporeal expression? Femininity, the body and leotards in trampoline gymnastics, in Chatziefstathiou, D. & Mansfield, L. (eds.) Leisure Identities and Authenticity.  Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, pp.63-76.
  • Fleming, S., Evans, L. & Melen, J. (2010) The ‘sociological imagination’, injury and success: A case study from elite sport, in Pelcová, N. and Hogenová, A. (eds.) Imaginace vevýchovĕ, umĕní a sportu (Filosofická reflexe). Knihovnicka, Prague, pp. 296-309.

(d)            Book Reviews

  • Fleming, S. (2012) Managing Leisure 17 (1), 81-83(Long, J. & Spracklen, K. [2011] eds. Sport and Challenges to Racism. London, Palgrave Macmillan.)
  • Fleming, S. (2011) Managing Leisure 16 (4), 326-327(Blackshaw, T. & Crawford, G. [2009] The SAGE Dictionary of Leisure Studies. London, Sage.)
  • Fleming, S. (2010) The Sport and Exercise Scientist 23, 26 (Bell, B. [2009] Sport Studies. Exeter, Learning Matters.)​​​

    Teaching and Supervision

    2011 – date        PhD                   Working-Class Adolescent Perceptions of Higher Education (A. McInch)
    2011 – date        PhD                   The Leadership Role and Influence of Team Captaincy in Professional Rugby   Union (M. Lowther)
    2011 – date        PhD                   The development of youth sport coach education: Examining the value of practice based learning interventions (J. Peel)
    2011 – date        EdD                    Enterprise: The Third Mission for academics in higher education in UWIC between 2009-12 (G. Jones)
    2010 – date        SportD             Performance Management and Analysis within Elite Rugby Union (H. Wiltshire)
    2010 – 2014       PhD                   Schooling, Physical Education and the Primary-Secondary Transition – An Ethnographic Approach (K. Hodgkin)
    2010 – 2014       PhD                   “Days in the Dirt”: An Ethnography on Cricket and Self  (H. Bowles)
    2011 – date        PhD                   The Body, Narrative and Identity Construction in Trampoline Gymnastics (R. Lord)
    2010 – date        PhD                   Efficient and Effective Management in Higher Education: An Insider, Action Research Perspective (J. Barnett)
    2009 – 2012       PhD                   Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Young Welsh People and the Effects of a Cross-Curricular Physical Activity Intervention (G. Knox)
    2007 – 2011       PhD                   Towards a Normative Account of National Representation in Sport (H. Iorwerth)
    2007 – 2014       PhD                   Identifying Effective Coach / Athlete (Referee) Interactions with Specific Reference to the Development of Rugby Union Referees (P. Renton)
    2007 – 2011       PhD                   Young People’s Participation in Extra-Curricular Sport and Physical Activity: An Analysis of Wales’s ‘5x60’ Project (A. Leyshon)
    2005 – 2010       PhD                   Choking in Sport: The Case of elite Golfers (D. Hill)
    2005 – 2007       PhD                   A Soft Gynocentric Feminist Critique of the Modern Day Practice of Sport (L. Edwards)
    2003 – 2006       MSc Res          Achievement Goal Orientations and the Perceived Purpose of Playing Football: A Comparative Study of Professional, Semi-Professional and Amateur Players. (P. Blenkinsopp)
    2001 – 2003       MSc Res          Influence of Test Duration on the Power Profile for Maximal Cycling (D. Meddings)
    2001 – 2003       MSc Res          The Effect of Starting Protocol on Peak Power Output during Friction-Loaded Cycle Ergometry (R. Wright)
    1999 – 2006       PhD                   Do Referees Play Fair? An Investigation into Interpersonal Expectancy Effects and Interactional Justice in Elite Rugby Union Football Refereeing (M. Mellick)
    1999 – 2006       PhD                   Leisure and National Identity in the South Wales Coal Field, 1830-1914. (I. Pritchard)
    1993 – 1996       MPhil               The Physical Education Curriculum in Higher Education: A Study of the Gender (S. Wood)
    1993 – 1996       MPhil               The Sociological and Educational Influences Upon Young Males' Involvement in Cricket (M. Toms)


    Qualifications and Awards

    2010      FHEA       Fellow, Higher Education Academy – Recognition Reference 2027
    1992      PhD         Brighton Polytechnic / CNAA – Thesis undertaken in collaboration with the Greater London and South East Regional Sports Council, ‘Sport and South Asian Male Youth’
    1987      PGCE      Physical Education and Mathematics – Loughborough University
    1986     BA             Sport Studies (with commendation) – Newcastle / Sunderland Polytechnics

    External Links

    • Scott’s external work has included involvement with the leading subject association for leisure in the UK (the Leisure Studies Association) and linked activities with the Higher Education Academy, editorial board commitments, and extensive external examining experience of undergraduate, taught postgraduate and postgraduate research programmes. Most recently, these include:

      1. Research Degree Examining

      2014          PhD                          Sports team cohesion from a social network perspective (A. Fleming, University of the West of Scotland)
      2012          MPhil                      Investigating drop out in ex-junior rugby union players (J. Richards, University of Birmingham)
      2011          MPhil                      A values-based approach to coaching sport in a divided society (J. Lambert, University of Brighton)
      2010          MPhil                      Use of strength and conditioning in men’s premiership hockey: A case study of support, influences, and understanding (A. Hibbert, University of Birmingham)
      2010          PhD                          Talent identification in tennis – A comparative study (M. Seibold, University of Edinburgh)

      1. External Examining of taught programmes

      2012 – date        University of Sunderland – BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Development
      2010 – date        University of Central Lancashire – MA Sport, Policy and Community Development
      2009 – 2013       Bournemouth University – BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching Sciences, BSc (Hons) Sports Management (Golf), BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology and Coaching Sciences, BSc (Hons) Sports Management
      2008 – 2011       Brunel University – MA Child Welfare and Protection in Sport

      (c)             Professional / Subject Associations:
      2007 – 2012       Independent Referee – Higher Education Academy, National Teaching Fellowship /p>

      2005 – 2010       Invited guest tutor – World Leisure International Centre of Excellence, ‘Leisure, Tourism and the Environment’, Wageningen University, Netherlands .
      (d)            Editorial Board Membership:

      2010 – date        Managing Co-Editor – Leisure Studies
      2009 – 2012       Editorial Board – Sociological Research Online
      2009 – 2013       Editorial Board – Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
      2007 – date        Editorial Advisory Board – Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education – Leisure Section
      2007 – date        International Editorial Advisory Board – European Physical Education Review

      (e) Other

      2013 – date                             Honorary Professor – School of Health Professionals, Faculty of Health, Education and Society, Plymouth University   
      2009 – date                             Honorary Research Fellow – Asia-Pacific Centre for the Study and Training of Leisure, Zhejiang University, China

    Research Active staff

    • Socio-cultural