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​Cardiff Metropolitan University has an established track record working with business. We offer expert solutions designed to inspire innovation and improve performance.

Our knowledge and expertise extends across many diverse industries from manufacturing to services encompassing design, sport, tourism, management, education and health.

Here are a number of ways in which you could work with us:


Cardiff Metropolitan University expertise encompasses a multitude of industries that can help you develop your business with tailored solutions through consultancy and development projects.

We offer advice and support across a diverse range of topics and have access to different expertise across the University, providing a comprehensive service for your business.

"It is hard to over estimate what has been achieved. The Partnership with Cardiff Met was about challenging preconceptions and creating the desire for change."

Steve Hodgetts,
Business Development & Commercial Director,
Cardiff International Airport

For an overview of research specialisms, Cardiff Metropolitan University's Expertise Directory is a valuable tool in securing high-quality consultancy services for your business.


Funded Opportunities

Cardiff Metropolitan University has several funded opportunities available, which could benefit your business.

Ranging from national to international funded projects and from pure research to research engaging business, here are a number of funding opportunities for you to consider:

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Get Started Fund​​

European Funding for Research & Enterprise

Academic Expertise for Business

Collaborative Projects

Cardiff Metropolitan University recognises the importance of collaboration and encourages its staff to engage in projects that are of benefit to the local, national and international communities.

With experience in managing both small and large-scale projects, Cardiff Met has a strong track record of achieving innovative outcomes, which deliver social and economic benefits.

Here's what some of our previous partners have said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Cardiff Met in this important project as we look forward to the Ryder Cup in 2010.”

Peter Cole
Regional Strategy Manager
Capital Region Tourism (BestBet Project)

"It has been imperative not only to have a dedicated research team specialising in this area, but also to add academic rigour to such an important evaluation. This has been a major piece of work and will be instrumental in driving the policy agenda forward.”
Dr Rachel Hughes
Research and Evaluation Manager
Sports Council for Wales (Free Swimming Initiative)

“Cardiff Met’s novel approach helped achieve over 200% increase in sales.”

Lucas Boissavain
Technical Director
Mustang Marine Ltd

“Cardiff Met’s technical and academic knowledge brought about a significant change in our business.”

Jim Landry
Technical Director
Lyons Seafoods Ltd

"A successful and rewarding partnership. We have utilised the resources Cardiff Met has to offer with great effect.”

Ray Spence
Managing Director

“Cardiff Met’s fresh, lateral and untarnished thinking influenced activities across the whole company.”

Andrew Barker
Managing Director
Mangar International


Business services on offer include:

  • Access to state of the art facilities

  • Entrepreneur/Start up support

  • Design, prototyping & batch manufacturing

  • Knowledge/Technology transfer

  • Training & professional development

  • Marketing & business solutions

  • New Product Development

  • Research & Development

  • Student & graduate placements

Contact us today to find out how we can help.