​Beat is a range of workshops designed to inspire and encourage entrepreneurship. Beat will run at our Cyncoed campus. At each session you will meet a real entrepreneur as well as explore a particular aspect of entrepreneurship or business.

This series of 5 workshops will show you the wide variety of opportunities to use your love and knowledge of sport to start a business or become self employed.

You will meet a range of entrepreneurs who have used opportunities in the world of sport to really make a difference. The workshops will be held on the following dates;

Tues 27th Oct 2015 - 5pm

Tues 3rd November - 5pm

Tues 10th November - 5pm

Tues 17th November - 5pm

Tues 24th November - 5pm

For more information and to reserve your space email with your name and student number.

Week 1 - General Conditioning

 Entrepreneurial thinking

You don't train for the Olympics on your sofa.  You can't be an entrepreneur without thinking differently. You must train your mind to think entrepreneurially.

Entrepreneur –Andrew Cronin

Activity/Workshop - Have you got what it takes to run your own business?


Week 2 - Base

Identifying opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and interests

No matter how hard he trains, Usain Bolt, won't win the Tour de France. Can you recognise an opportunity to win gold?

Entrepreneur – Annette Gee from Task Force Paintball

Activity/Workshop - Big Ideas Wales Workshop 1 - This interactive workshop will help you to recognise and develop opportunities.


Week 3 - Technique;

Understanding the customer business/relationship and basics of marketing.

Professional coaches break sports down to elemental skills, these are practised and perfected, great entrepreneurs do the same. 

Entrepreneur  - Kevin Mansell-Abel from That Media Group

Activity/Workshop - We will explore the worlds of branding, marketing, USP's and help you to break business down into manageble skills and activities.


Week 4 - Endurance

Successful business attributes  

Great athletes put in the hours, winter miles are summer smiles! How business planning and understanding your finances can put you ahead before you start.

Entrepreneur – TBC

Activity/Workshop - TBC


Week 5 - Speed

Presentation skills, negotiating and pitching

Faster, higher, stronger, peaking for your big event. Selling your idea, pitching for funding.

Entrepreneur – TBC

Activity/Workshop - TBC