​​Ignite, which is held annually, is one of our most popular events. This 4-day skills development programme attracts students from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds from those who are looking to start are business to those who are keen to develop their employability skills.

The programme, which is held in collaboration with Cardiff University and University of South Wales, can help to boost your confidence, enhance your team working and communication skills and give you a feel for the realities of running a business in an exciting challenge!

Ignite will also help you to develop your pitching and presentation skills, time management and the ability to work under pressure. During the four days you'll take part in a range of interactive workshops which help to take you out of your comfort zone and develop your skills and confidence.

For more information on Ignite visit the Entrepreneurship Ninja website which features all of the collaborative events held with Cardiff University and University of South Wales.