Media Mingle - a student's perspective


​The following blog post has been written by Jasmin Jones, a first year English and Contemporary Media student who recently attended our Media Mingle event. 

When the opportunity arose to attend an event where I could meet professionals from across an array of media industries I, of course, snapped it up, like many others would, without really knowing what it entailed. It did not disappoint.

I was able to talk to all of these enthusiastic professionals and gain an insight into what they do in and around media, which gave me a feel of what I might like to do after my degree but ultimately, it showed me that the world really is my oyster.

With food and drinks (non-alcoholic for the most part) flowing, the evening was relaxed and informal. It was like having a catch up with friends, and that was evident with the advice, banter and career exploration given.

I found it particularly useful to just sit and listen to each person talking about what they do and how they got into it, but they were also so interested in us that questions were encouraged, making me far more confident, and the answers were more than helpful.

PR executives, Dan Tyte and Alastair Milburn were able to offer top tips on how to further yourself in the media game whilst creating this intrigue around what they do. I, personally, had never considered PR, yet their friendliness and open attitudes struck me, making me think about what PR could involve and whether I would be right for it.

Similarly, creating my own business had never been in the forefront of my mind, mostly because I'm young, but talking to creators and producers Nathan Webb, founder of Anytime Films, and Laurence Hall, co-founder of Handshake Productions, stimulated me into a spiral of ideas and avenues I could possibly take on in my chosen career path.

Attending the event really helped me open my eyes to what's out there for me and my fellow classmates. Although it seems like years away until we have to think about our real careers this, I know, has inspired many of us and with each person who spoke, their enthusiasm shone through immediately.

By mingling the way we all did it set up a perfect opportunity to question those who captured our interests most, to explore the many pathways we can take after this degree and create our links for the future.​