'Networking' - a word that strikes fear into the heart of many! Love it or hate it learning how to network effectively is an essential skill in every graduate career path, whether you're looking to work for yourself or someone else. 

Our Mingle events are designed to be fun, informal and friendly to help you develop your skills in a safe environment. We also aim to inspire you by putting you in touch with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals from a wide range of areas, all ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. ​

Our Mingle events run on the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30 to 8:00pm.

Our next event is on Tuesday October 4th in the School of Management at Llandaff. The theme is Ideas. We have 3 fantastic entrepreneurs on hand to share their story with you on how they developed their business idea. Ask questions, chat, get inspired, mingle! 

Book your place via Career Hub.​